Ways to increase potency in men naturally

The number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction is growing every year. From these trends, there are many predisposing factors. The task to increase the potency naturally comes to the fore.

increase potency in men

It affects the pernicious influence of bad habits, bad ecology and constant the effects of stress on the body.

Even the limited influence of one factor is able to suppress the libido in men, what to talk about combined action.

The combined effect of the suppressive factors is a leading reason for the development of psychologically mediated impotence.

There are many ways of dealing with this disease and they all have their positive and negative sides.

Each therapeutic technique should be individualized based on the characteristics of the development and course of the disease.

The leading cause of organic impotence is considered a violation of the patency of vessels of the small pelvis, the second place is occupied by psychological problems.

Of course, if you use in order to restore blood circulation techniques used in psychological correction, the effect will be minimal.

That is why it is so important to seek the advice of a competent specialist to determine the nature of violations erectile function.

Natural ways to increase potency

Sexual dysfunction is a common problem among the adult population, so for many years developed new methods that allow to fully restore the "male power".

To date, in order to enhance erectile function using physiotherapy, pharmacological, in extreme cases, surgical methods of treatment.

They all have high efficiency in terms of improving the quality of sexual life, however, there are additional methods to normalize the potency.

Natural ways to increase potency include combinations of various techniques aimed at lifestyle modification.

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How nutrition affects the potency

Balanced diet.

After statistical analysis, it was discovered that men suffering from obesity, were more susceptible to violation of erectile function compared with men with normal weight. This trend has several prerequisites:

  • First, if a man is overweight, he will be elevated blood cholesterol, and this contributes to formation of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels of the pelvis.
  • Secondly, obesity is often associated with diabetes of the 2nd type. Diabetics have a tendency to polyneuropathy, ie, damage to the nervous tissue. In the case of this disease there is a conduction disorder of neural pathways, which leads to deterioration of the innervation of the genital organs.

In order to avoid such conditions, it is necessary to carefully control your diet. Food should not be high, and the food is better to translate in fractional mode (small portions 5-6 times a day).

In order to increase the potency suggest to add to the diet the following products:

  • Foods high in protein (meat, nuts, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs). Proteins are the building blocks of the human body, so it is important to use it in a constant ratio.
  • Popularity among those suffering from erectile dysfunction have seafood (squid, sea fish, oysters).
  • For dessert, it is best to consume honey with nuts.

"Men often neglect the fish in favour of meat. This is a big omission, because seafood contain polyunsaturated fatty acids. You must have at least 1 time per week include in the diet of fish or seafood and the result will not keep itself waiting long", — is recommended by nutritionists.

In addition to calorie content, special attention should be paid to the content of useful minerals in foods.

When the goal is to improve erectile function, the products should be balanced on the part of electrolytes. The right balance of micronutrients plays a special role not only in increased potency but also in improving the overall condition of the body.

In addition to trace elements should be added to the daily diet foods with a high content of vitamins b,C,E. A biochemical reaction in our body cannot take place without the participation of vitamins.

Their deficiency slows the metabolism, manifesting itself in the form of General weakness, depression and fatigue. With a serious lack of vitamins affects not only the potency but also all the vital functions of the body.


Physical exercises that increase virility

A special program of physical exercises will improve blood circulation in the lower body.

In addition to restoring circulation, regular exercise has a beneficial impact on the condition of the pubic-coccygeal muscles.

There are many special lessons that demonstrate the correct technique, but despite their diversity, all the exercises are reduced to one – to improve the blood supply to the pelvic organs.

Hereinafter will be described some of the exercises recommended for implementation with the aim to improve the quality of erectile function.

  • "Rotation of the pelvis" – the first and most simple exercise, known to all from school physical education lessons. You need to put feet on width of shoulders, and hands to hold on the belt. Further, ongoing rotation of the pelvis. First clockwise then counterclockwise.
  • "Front step" – very similar to running in place with the only difference: you need a high lift thigh. Touch the hips to the stomach is an indicator of proper technique.
  • "Attacks": stand upright, hands at waist, feet together. Then, you should lunge forward with your right foot as far as possible stretching. In this position you want to lock for a few minutes, and then return to the starting position. After that, repeat on the left leg. Physically fit men are advised to perform the exercise using weights.

Many doctors, specializing in "men's problems" recommend to their patients a contrast shower. As mentioned above, is largely erectile dysfunction is caused by impaired patency of the lumen of the vessels.

It is to preserve proper blood circulation in the arteries of the genital organs and it is recommended to use douches. A sharp change of hot water on cold allows you to keep the arteries in good shape, thus preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Hormonal imbalance and potency

In addition to organic and psychological, there is also endocrinologic cause of erectile dysfunction. In the case of testosterone deficiency in patients men, a decrease in libido, suppression of libido and General fatigue.

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body. It not only affects the sexual sphere but also involved in the growth of muscle tissue, increases your confidence and enhances physical activity.

With age there is a gradual extinction of the synthesis of testosterone. To know the level of the male hormone recommended at least every 5 years to donate blood.

When testosterone deficiency doctors-endocrinologists prescribe hormonal replacement therapy. If we consider the treatment of impotence in the framework of natural methods, it is recommended to use the herbal medicine, which includes a number of useful herbs that increase the production of testosterone.

how to increase the potency

Statistical studies showed that men leading a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to impotence than those who are active in sports. The connection is simple: prolonged sitting contributes to blood stasis in the pelvis.

Poor circulation can cause not only impotence, but also such unpleasant diseases such as prostatitis. With the aim to prevent this, it is recommended to avoid a long stay in a sitting position, and at least every 2 hours to perform warm-up exercises for 10 minutes.

If the profession offers men spending long periods in a seated position, then this problem has a solution — a special Kegel exercises. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the pubic-coccygeal muscles, is an excellent natural way to raise the erection.

The implementation does not require any specific preparation or special conditions, and only a desire to quickly improve the quality of their sex life.

"Kegel exercises were originally developed to strengthen vaginal muscles and pelvic floor in women. But in the process of their study revealed: men are complex. Exercises help in preventing the reduced potency, prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate. Daily exercise will not take much time as they can be combined with daily business," advised the urologists.

As a psychological state and sleep affect virility

Psychological problems take second place after organic pathology in the list of leading causes of impotence.

Mental disorder, chronic depression, depression, irritability – all these can become a significant obstacle to a healthy sex life.

Usually, the violation of psychological health or is a consequence of problems at work or problems in the family. If poor working conditions lead to the suppression of intimate attraction, you should think about the feasibility of such work. In addition, serious family disruptions also have the potential to adversely affect virility.

In the struggle with emotional disorder are advised to avoid stressful situations. In the case of long-term depression should consult with a specialist.

reduction and increased potency

The assurances of psychologists, very often, impotence occurs as a consequence of failure of the first sexual contact. In addition, the leading role in this matter may play a pathological self-doubt.

Healthy sleep also plays a role in the quality of sex life. Thanks to the researchers, it was found ad somnum: physiological sleep should last at least 8 hours.

Regular lack of sleep impairs cognitive abilities, the man becomes more aggressive and less resistant to stressful environmental factors.

It was noted that men, reddendo to sleep more than 7 hours have a lower concentration of cholesterol in the blood and less prone to development of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels of the pelvis.