Products that increase potency

Adequate nutrition has a beneficial effect on well-being in general. Successfully selected products for potency are rich in substances necessary for the normal functioning of the male genitourinary system. Increasing potency is a solvable issue, so do not despair!

How nutrition affects potency

To protect the heart, preserve full sexual function and normal functioning of the nervous system, it is necessary to maintain a sufficient amount of omega-3 and omega-6 acids in the diet. Most of these substances are found in wheat sprouts, nuts, and oily fish.

The menu should also contain foods rich in vitamins and minerals involved in testosterone production and sperm production. Such substances include vitamin C, selenium, zinc. The need for them increases several times if a man has bad habits (alcohol abuse, smoking).

Potency increasing products

Foods that increase potency include oysters, which are called powerful natural aphrodisiacs. The benefits of shellfish are due to the content in their composition of a large amount of amino acids and organic zinc. When eating oysters, the quality of sperm improves, and testosterone production is activated. But eating shellfish too often is not recommended. European and Chinese scientists have shown that the constant consumption of oysters can negatively affect reproductive function.

Products that increase potency in men saturate the body with useful trace elements, vitamins, substances that have a positive effect on sexual function. These include turnip seeds. From them you can prepare a special mixture according to the following recipe:

  1. Boiled mashed turnips are mixed with grated carrots in a 1: 1 ratio.
  2. Then you need to add 1 dessert spoon of honey. The finished product is taken 60 grams three times a day. The positive effect of such a mixture will not be long in coming.

When using food for potency, it is worth remembering the existing contraindications. For example, it is recommended to refuse to include turnips in the diet in case of cholecystitis, hepatitis, during an exacerbation of inflammatory bowel diseases.

nuts for potency

Products to increase potency should be eaten regularly. This is especially true for nuts rich in magnesium, zinc, vitamins E and B. These substances have a beneficial effect on the male reproductive system. The nuts also contain arginine. It activates the production of nitric oxide - a substance that is necessary for a lasting erection.

For the treatment of potency problems, various nuts are included in the daily diet: hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, etc. Each of them has a unique composition and properties, but has an equally beneficial effect on the body.

Pumpkin seeds contain all the essential substances required for the normal physical health of a man. Regular use of this product serves as an excellent prevention of many pathologies that negatively affect erectile ability.

There are many recipes for using pumpkin seeds:

  1. Pumpkin seeds, prunes, dried apricots and walnut kernels are ground in equal proportions. A little honey is added to the resulting mixture. To add piquancy to the product, use cumin, sesame or anise. The mixture with pumpkin seeds should be taken daily: twice a day. This remedy is used after a meal.
  2. Pumpkin seeds are ground with a meat grinder. Add half a glass of honey to the resulting mixture. Then you need to mold small balls from it. Subsequently, they eat such a ball every day half an hour after eating.
  3. 70 grams of pumpkin seeds, 100 grams of butter, 100 ml of honey are thoroughly mixed and placed in a sealed container in the cold. Three small scoops of the product taken in a day will have a powerful effect on erection.

On the basis of pumpkin seeds, you can also prepare a medicinal broth. To do this, two glasses of the product are calcined in a hot frying pan, crushed with a knife. A liter of boiling water is added to the resulting mixture, cooked over low heat for 10-15 minutes. When the broth is infused, filter it, add a large spoonful of honey. Freshly prepared broth is consumed 2 times a day.

What foods reduce potency

It is worth telling what products reduce potency in men. Alcohol negatively affects the sexual performance of a representative of the stronger sex. Alcoholic drinks have a negative effect on erection.

alcohol as a harmful drink for potency

Products that reduce potency in men include soy, cereals and legumes. The negative effect on potency is due to the presence of phytoestrogens in their composition.

There are also many products that reduce potency with caffeine. Therefore, do not overload energy drinks, coffee and tea. An increase in the amount of caffeine in the blood leads to a decrease in the level of the male hormone in the body. This fact is evidenced by numerous studies conducted by scientists from different parts of the world.

Nutrition for potency in men also includes the use of a variety of spices. Nutmeg, ginger, fenugreek, cinnamon and hot peppers increase sensuality and increase blood circulation. In addition, the inclusion of these spices in food for potency has a positive effect on immunity, increases efficiency.