How to raise potency in men at home? How to increase potency quickly?

Weak potency is a delicate problem that today concerns not only elderly men, but also young people. In this regard, various pharmaceutical preparations began to be produced that help the strong half of humanity to improve the level of sexual performance. But in this article we will tell you not only about these remedies, but also abouthow to increase potency in natural ways.

Reasons for weak potency

Many people mistakenly believe that erectile dysfunction is an independent pathology that is associated with a disease of the penis or prostate gland. In fact, impotence is a consequence of other disorders in the body.

Weak potency in a man

Factors that trigger the onset of erectile dysfunction include:

  1. Lack of regular sex life. Scientists have proven that having sex is a workout for the muscles of the penis. It is necessary so that a man does not face a weak potency.
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases that negatively affect the entire body as a whole.
  3. Chronic or incompletely treated diseases of the male genitourinary system can provoke erectile dysfunction.
  4. Disorders in the work of the heart and vascular system.
  5. Hormonal disruptions and diseases associated with the human endocrine system (for example, diabetes mellitus).
  6. Tumors and other growths on the prostate gland.
  7. A man with good physical fitness
  8. Diseases associated with the nervous system (this also includes breakdowns, stress and depression). Very often, fatigue, tension, workload forces a person to abandon intimacy with a partner, but this should not be allowed, because the lack of regular sex, as we mentioned above, negatively affects a person's performance and erection.
  9. Regular intake of some medications that have side effects that affect erectile function.
  10. Abuse of bad habits (alcohol, tobacco or drugs).
  11. Lack of physical activity, which leads to the formation of blood stasis in the veins of the pelvic organs.
  12. Lack of adequate night sleep and rest.
  13. Bad ecological situation.
  14. Improper diet, which leads to metabolic disorders.
A man has erectile dysfunction

It is impossible to avoid all of the above factors, but knowing thatwhat to do and how to increase potency, if it has weakened, any man can cope with this unpleasant problem.

Folk remedies for potency

One of the mildest but most effective ways is to take herbal remedies. They will not only help restore male strength, but also have a positive effect on the immune system. Some of the best recipes,how to increase potency with folk remedies, we present below:

  • Ginseng root tincture is very effective
    1. To prepare it, you first need to clean the roots of the plant and place them in a glass jar so that it fills completely.
    2. Pour the contents of the jar with vodka and leave the resulting mixture for two weeks.
    3. After the tincture is prepared, it should be taken daily, in an amount of 30 g, for one month, each time before meals.
  • Tincture of ginseng root to enhance potency
  • An excellent way,how to increase potency with folk remedies,prepare a decoction of mustard seeds. How is it prepared:
    1. The mustard seeds are poured with water, which must be brought to a boil and kept in this state for 10 minutes.
    2. After that, the broth must be cooled and used as compresses (they must be applied to the penis three times a day for 14 days).
  • Instead of ginseng root tincture, onion tincture can be used. She prepares this way:
    1. 3 onions are finely chopped and filled with water (2 glasses are required).
    2. During the day, the mixture should be infused, and then the man needs to take it three times a day.
  • Onion tincture for potency
  • You can also make a snowdrop paste. This plant is considered poisonous, but it is extremely beneficial.
    1. To make a healing paste, it needs to be crushed into a mushy consistency.
    2. Then add 200 g of honey and half a liter of water to the snowdrop, and then put it on the fire.
    3. When the paste thickens, you can remove it from the heat, cool it and take half a teaspoon every day.
  • Herbal baths arethat is useful for potencyno less than the above-mentioned remedies. Decoctions can be poured into bathing water from:
    1. Bay leaf
    2. Chamomile
    3. Pine cones and branches
    4. Dubrovnik
    5. Calamus
    6. Nettles

Potency Enhancing Products

In ancient Greece, men ate special foods that were considered aphrodisiacs to enhance their potency.

Products that increase potency

It turns out that we eat most of these foods every day. But men need to eat them a little more often than women to improve erectile function. What are these products:

  1. Aquatic inhabitants- crayfish, fish, shrimp, shellfish and much more. They contain fish oil, zinc and selenium necessary for male strength.
  2. A mixture of any kind of nuts with honey. It should be taken in the amount of two teaspoons 4 hours before going to bed.
  3. All types of herbs, spices and root vegetables,which contain herbal analogues of androsterone that give men strength.
  4. Boiled eggs.They contain the necessary amount of cholesterol, which a man needs in order to produce sex hormones normally.
  5. Products useful for men's health
  6. Onions and garlic. There is a legend that in the monasteries it used to be forbidden to eat onions in any form just because it increases sexual desire. For this reason alone, a man needs to increase the amount of this product in his daily diet. Onions and garlic contain many vitamins, which not only have a positive effect on erectile function in men, but also prevent the occurrence of problems with the prostate.
  7. Lean meats(such as rabbit, chicken, or veal). This product contains a lot of amino acids that a man needs to enhance potency.
  8. Dairy productsare natural sources of testosterone, according to research from the University of Pittsburgh.
  9. Useful products for potency
  10. Coffee(in moderation - no more than one cup). This drink will give energy to a man and enhance libido.
  11. Olive oil.Thanks to the fatty amino acids contained in it, potency improves and sexual desire increases.
  12. Sweet, high-calorie fruits:
    • Avocado
    • Banana
    • Dates
    • Mango

There are also foods that are not recommended for all men, especially those who have problems with potency.

Fast food is not recommended for men with potency problems

These include:

  • Alcoholic drinks (especially beer)
  • Pasta products (especially pasta and bread)
  • Potatoes (this vegetable must not be overused)
  • Sausage products

Drugs to increase potency

All of the above naturalpotency stimulantscan help young men who are faced with such a delicate problem.How to increase potency after 50years? At this age, men often have to use special drugs to restore erectile function.

The modern pharmaceutical market presents a wide range ofpotency remedies, but they all have side effects. Therefore, before using them, all men who are looking for a way tohow to increase potency at the age of 60should visit their doctor who will recommend a suitable drug.

Drugs to increase potency

Increasing potency by physical exercises

As soon as a man has free time, he should do physical education. There are several physical exercises that help increase potency at home:

  1. March in place for a few minutes, trying to raise your knees to their maximum height.
  2. Train your hips and glutes. For this you need:
    • Spread your feet shoulder-width apart;
    • Bend your knees slightly;
    • Put your hands on your belt;
    • Strongly tighten the gluteal muscles and stay in this state for as long as possible (you should get the impression that you need to hold something between the buttocks).
  3. Increasing potency by exercise
  4. Train your genital muscles:
    • Lie on the floor.
    • Bend your knees so that they are apart.
    • Relax and tense the muscles between your legs. You need to do as many compressions as possible.

Now you knowhow to improve potency in menat home. But remember that a warm relationship with a partner will have a decisive effect on male strength. Love and tenderness can sometimes be the best medicine for any problem.