Natural products that increase potency

Since ancient times, the human race has sought to find means to maintain male sexual potential. In ancient Greece, they were given a special name - aphrodisiacs. An important place among these means was occupied by dishes. This is how love-erotic cooking began to develop, in the recipes of which all kinds of products were used that increase potency in men. Modern scientists confirm that testosterone levels are highly dependent on diet. Let's find out what you need to treat a man to in order to maintain his sexual competence.

Nutrition for potency in men

The list of potency increasing products includes a huge number of items. Each of them saturates the body with useful elements, which in one way or another contribute to an increase in libido. In the forefront are foods containing "male vitamins" - A, B and E and omega-3 fats. The stronger sex should eat a sufficient amount of healthy food, guided by the food compatibility table, in order to get the desired result without overloading the stomach. After reading the subsequent sections of this article, you will learn what you need to eat to increase potency.

potency problems

Nuts not only stimulate male potency, but also have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect. Systematic consumption of nuts significantly reduces the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. For nuts to bring the desired result, they must be purchased unpeeled. If you ask your doctor about how to increase testosterone levels in men over the age of 40, the specialist will recommend paying special attention to pistachios and peanuts.

Nuts are especially useful for male potency in combination with bee honey. The miraculous properties of this product are manifested with systematic use. Remember a simple recipe for a dish for male potency, which is guaranteed to provide an increase in testosterone levels: mix 100 grams of chopped walnuts and 70 grams of honey. You get a loose, thick mass, which needs to be consumed daily at 20-30 grams three hours before bedtime.

walnuts for potency

Food for potency can consist of vegetables familiar to all of us. Before asking the experts about how to increase testosterone production, pay attention to simple foods. You will be surprised, but male sexual competence is increased by:

Continuing to list the products that increase the potency of men, we got to one of the most important points. The vitamin content in fruits is incredibly high, so every orange, grapefruit, pomegranate or banana eaten provides an instant boost to sexual performance. So you got the answer to the difficult question of how to increase potency in men in natural ways. Diversify your diet with fruit teas and cocktails. All this will help to provide male vitamins to improve potency in sufficient quantities.

benefits of pomegranate

To increase potency, you can use regular bee honey daily in small portions, but it provides the greatest effectiveness in combination with other products. Let's look at a few useful recipes that will help increase male potency:

  1. Honey with ginger. This remedy stimulates sexual functions in men and has a tonic effect on the body. To prepare it, mix equal proportions of melted bee honey and dry ginger root in equal proportions. To obtain the desired effect, take honey and ginger remedy three times a day, 10-12 grams. For better absorption, it is recommended to drink it with water.
  2. Honey and carrots. This recipe will help you cope with the signs of impotence. In a small bowl, mix 200 ml of freshly squeezed juice and 150 grams of honey. Take a thick mixture before breakfast, lunch and dinner, 35-40 ml each. To improve the effect it is recommended to maintain a time interval of at least a quarter of an hour.
  3. Wine with honey. A folk recipe used to increase potency and treat prostatitis. Mix in a glass container 300 grams of natural bee product, 400 ml of red wine, 180 ml of freshly squeezed aloe juice, 100 grams of rose hips crushed on a coffee grinder and 40 grams of parsley seeds. Let it brew for 8-9 days. You need to take a wonderful remedy in small portions, 18-20 grams each, before each meal.
honey and nuts for potency

Other products to increase potency

Add a variety of healthy foods to your diet to increase potency. The following products will help you with this:

  • sour cream;
  • quail eggs;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • black cumin oil;
  • chocolate;
  • oysters;
  • mussels;
  • almonds.
healthy food

Folk recipes for increasing potency in men

Using natural products, you can prepare powerful products that will enhance male sexual functions. If you are worried about how to increase potency in the folk way, take into account the recipes described below:

  1. Pine branches. Place the finely chopped fresh sprigs in a medium saucepan. Fill them with tap water, place them on the stove and turn on low heat. When the contents of the pot boil, mark a quarter of an hour, remove from the stove and let it brew for 14-15 hours. The extract should turn brown. It is used for baths in a ratio of 1 to 40. The folk remedy must be added to hot water and steamed for at least an hour. The beneficial elements contained in the pine branches will be absorbed into the skin and thereby improve male potency.
  2. Healing flower tincture. With regular use, this remedy will help increase potency. To prepare it, mix the flowers of the immortelle sandy and calendula, crushed valerian root and dried herb St. John's wort in a 1-2 liter bowl in a ratio of 2: 1: 3: 3. Pour boiling water over the resulting collection. Cool and take two dessert spoons before each meal.
  3. Nettle with wine. Pour 25 grams of seeds with three glasses of red vintage wine. Leave in a shaded cool place for 7-8 days. Drink 20-25 ml of tincture before each meal.

A list of excellent products that instantly and in a short time increase potency in men

Consider a list of products that increase potency in men instantly or in a minimal period of time.

All of them contain a certain complex of essential vitamins.

Their advantages are that:

  • this product helps to delay a quick finish in bed;
  • activates testosterone production;
  • enhances men's health;
  • increases libido.

Rumor has it that Casanova loved breakfast with 50 oysters in the morning and loved the meal.

Not recommended for people with gastritis or diabetes.

Some species of marine fish

  • flounder(used in many forms, except fried, has a positive effect on the combat readiness of the organ);
  • mackerelin boiled form (desire increases, male hormones, it contains phosphorus).

It is better to choose sea fish than river fish, because sea fish is richer in nutrients and minerals.

useful turnipTurnip contains:
  • useful amino acids;
  • The vegetable seeds themselves improve libido and drive.

Therefore, turnip belongs to the list of products for potency in men, useful and readily available on the market.

Only it is not recommended for people with diseases of the nervous system or hepatitis.

Lemon and orange

  • Yellow and orange fruits contain lutein, which increases testosterone levels in the blood.
  • They enhance male libido.
lemon and orange

Camel Stomach

The stomach of a camel is also calledrennet.

It is enough to accept it in advance before the intimacy, and the effect will not be long in coming.

The only downside is that it's hard to find.


  • has no harm;
  • the effect is already felt from taking in small quantities 2-3 grams;
  • enhances the performance of the genitals;
  • increases the duration of intercourse.
  • increases the amount of seed;
  • there is more male hormone in the body;
  • contains a large amount of zinc needed by the stronger sex.

Consider the following foods that increase potency in men.

seafood for potency


  1. squid;
  2. crayfish;
  3. shrimp;
  4. stingray or shark meat.


  • improve male strength, attraction to the opposite sex;
  • promote seed production;
  • contain zinc and selenium to improve endurance with a loved one.

Quail eggs

quail eggs

Quail eggs can be eaten raw and are harmless.

You can also make an omelet with herbs.


  • contain phosphorus and amino acids;
  • increases the level of libido and attraction;
  • improvement of the erectile function of organs.

Therefore, quail eggs are also included in the list of products that affect the potency of men in a positive way.

  • prolong intimacy with a loved one in bed (we gave techniques against a quick finish earlier in a special instruction);
  • positive impact on organ combat readiness;
  • improving reproductive functions.
beekeeping products

Beekeeping products

  1. Perga.
  2. Honey.
  • high protein content, necessary for a rich intimate life;
  • improves blood flow to manhood, normalizes blood flow;
  • contain fructose and glucose;
  • helps in testosterone production.

Hence, we can confidently say that honey and other beekeeping products will also be the answer to the question of which products increase potency in men from the list of available food supplies.

Contraindicated in people suffering from cancer, Graves' disease.


chocolate for potency
  • Contains a special chemical that makes a person feel in love.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Increases craving, testosterone levels.

It is better to takedark chocolate(cocoa percentage not less than 70), and most often it is bitter. White or milk chocolate is not suitable here.

Useful because:

  • expands blood vessels, which improves the alertness of the organ;
  • amino acids are activated in the body;
  • prevention of prostate cancer;
  • is recommended for impotence and menopause, which occurs in the stronger sex with age (we talked about it here).


avocado for potency
  • regulates hormone secretion;
  • contains folic acid - a libido enhancer.

It would be an exaggeration to say out loud that avocado is an instantaneous potency product for men.

The effect will be, just not all at once. Everything takes time.

  • Improves blood flow to manhood. We wrote about other ways to accelerate blood circulation to the organ in a new article.
  • Pomegranate dilates blood vessels.
  • Used to prevent prostate cancer.
  • If you drink 200 ml of pomegranate juice for a month, you will already notice the effect in bed.

Some berries

berries for potency
  1. Blueberries(increases libido, improves blood flow and develops alertness for dignity).
  2. Raspberries(improves endurance in bed, promotes testosterone production, advised in the treatment of infertility).

Meat and dishes from it

What kind of meat is distinguished:

  1. bovine or lamb testicles (exotic dishes);
  2. horse meat;
  3. rabbit meat;
  4. turkey;
  5. beef;
  6. chicken.


  • the peasant's excitability increases;
  • high in protein.

In other articles on the site, we also analyzed the answer to the question of how to increase potency using techniques.

Our next video talks about the most useful products for male potency.

For those wishing to be handsome in the bedroom with a loved one, exercise is also useful, which we covered in another guide.

Pumpkin seeds

  • rich in zinc, enhances the reproductive function and strength of men;
  • improves hormones;
  • affect the normal synthesis of testosterone.

Dried dates

This dried fruit dates are useful in that:

  • increase long-term intercourse with a woman;
  • increase the efficiency of male organs.

You can combine dried fruits with other ingredients for a healthy and tasty mix.

Fresh juices from some vegetables and fruits

pomegranate juice

What's especially good to drink:

  1. Pomegranatejuice (improves blood circulation in the pelvis).
  2. Pumpkinjuice (rich in zinc, useful for the functioning of the reproductive system).
  3. Celery root juice(increases testosterone levels in the body at times).
  4. Other juices rich in vitamin E.

Juice subtleties

You can combine drinks and drink several different drinks at once from the above.

It is better to drink freshly squeezed juices, rather than counterparts from store shelves.

For those who were looking for an answer to the question of how to increase potency at home in 1 day, we advise you to be patient. And then the result will come.

So you won't be in that constant quest for fast acting potency products for men.

  • mare's milk improves fertility;
  • improving activity in bed, strengthening the immune system;
  • increases the body's ability to have sexual intercourse.

Not recommended for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

nuts for potency


  • enhance the performance of male dignity;
  • combat readiness increases;
  • improving the erectile functions of the organ (we wrote about how to do it in other ways in a new publication).

You can combine the consumption of nuts with honey, meat or dried fruit, which will only enhance the effect.

Dairy products


  • They also improve semen production and reproductive function.
  • Increase the duration of intercourse. In our other article, we talked about how to increase the duration of intercourse.
  • They contain a complex of many essential vitamins. Therefore, milk and fermented milk products are a good answer to the question of what products are useful for the potency of men.
date for potency

The date is useful because:

  • fruit improves the ability to reproduce offspring;
  • strengthens the circulatory system;
  • is considered a good aphrodisiac in the east.
  1. celery;
  2. parsley;
  3. greens;
  4. dill;
  5. spinach;
  6. lettuce leaves.

Celery comes first. Behind him is another green.


  • increase stamina in bed;
  • have a beneficial effect on the production of sex hormones.


grapes for potency

What it gives:

  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Contains a lot of magnesium.
  • Treats male infertility.
  • grape juiceis also useful, especially freshly squeezed.

Remember these nuances, apply them, and you will know a lot about what to eat for potency and what foods increase sexual desire in men.

Some vegetables

  1. white cabbage;
  2. onions;
  3. beets;
  4. carrot;
  5. garlic;
  6. tomatoes.


  • normalize hormones;
  • increase attraction.

They can be used separately or as a side dish to other dishes.

Can be eaten raw or cooked.

What to give up

  1. smoked;
  2. alcohol;
  3. beer (contains female hormones);
  4. excessive use of sugar or salt;
  5. Avoid very large amounts of cilantro (harmless in small doses);
  6. coffee;
  7. energy;
  8. fast food;
  9. soy contains an abundance of female hormones;
  10. oil fried food;
  11. spicy and fatty foods;
  12. soy products;
  13. food with a high cholesterol content (mayonnaise, margarine, sprats, liver pate and others);
  14. yeast white bread.

That's all. Now you know a list of good products for potency and improving activity in men in bed.

Products for potency

The accelerated pace of life, negative environmental conditions, regular stress can undermine the health of even the strongest man. Unfavorable factors affect the potency of the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Proper nutrition will help to avoid problems in the sexual sphere. Useful products for potency and an active lifestyle will help a man to forget about problems in the intimate sphere that directly affect physical and mental health.

What is potency

Male strength has long been valued for its ability to procreate. Today the word "potency" has a broader meaning. It is important for a modern man not only to become a father, but also to sexually satisfy a woman. In sexology, good potency has the following characteristics:

  • the ability to satisfy a partner and receive satisfaction;
  • duration of sexual intercourse;
  • the rate at which erectile function appears;
  • ability to ejaculate;
  • sperm quality.

What is there to increase potency

The decrease in erectile function not only creates problems in the intimate sphere, but also hits the male pride. However, nature has taken care of this problem, offering healthy foods to increase potency in men. The list is extensive. To make sex life full, it is necessary to introduce into the diet foods that contain vitamins of groups B, E, A, as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc. With their daily use, testosterone production increases, which has a beneficial effect on strengthening male strength.

Potency increasing products

The right food for male potency is not necessarily difficult to prepare. Enhance libido-capable habitual fruits and vegetables. Do not forget about the benefits of bee honey. Daily use of it in small quantities, especially in combination with other products, will increase the production of hormones that have a positive effect on potency. It is worth paying attention to the seasonings. The sexual activity of a man will increase if you feed him with dishes seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger. Let's take a closer look at natural aphrodisiacs that increase male strength.

cardamom for potency

When answering the question, what foods are good for male potency, you must first mention fruits. For the prevention of sexual impotence, it is recommended to eat bananas daily, which are called "the fruits of passion and sensuality. "A couple of yellow fruits a day will help restore the tone of the body, give a boost of sexual energy. Bananas are classified as potency-enhancing aphrodisiacs. A man's daily diet should be supplemented with fruits such as:

  • oranges, lemons, which promote the production of the hormone testosterone;
  • apricots, which easily deal with decreased libido;
  • avocado, which contains folic acid, which promotes long-lasting erections.

Dairy products

Nutritionists advise using fermented milk products to increase potency. Sour cream, curdled milk, cream and cheese are excellent helpers in the fight against sexual dysfunction in men. Due to the presence of essential amino acids and vitamins, goat milk has an effect on male libido. This tool has been tested for centuries. Egyptian pharaohs and Roman generals took goat's milk before going to bed. To enhance the result, it is recommended to drink two glasses daily in pure form.

Vegetables such as garlic, carrots, turnips stimulate sexual energy. They promote blood circulation and rejuvenation of the body. Garlic works like a rejuvenating apple from fairy tales: it increases potency, invigorates. The rich composition of the vegetable contains vitamins D, C, B, essential oils, useful trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids. For sexual attraction, you need to include fresh turnips in the diet. If you combine it with grated fresh carrots, then the root vegetable is able to save a man from diseases of the genitourinary system in just one month of daily use.

Natural aphrodisiacs are known to enhance and prolong sex drive. These include nuts - essential foods to increase potency, which must be included in the daily menu of every man. They control the strength of sexual activity, regulate the mechanisms of ejaculation, erection, arousal. Only 50 grams of nuts per day will allow a man to live a full sex life. Improves sexual performance.

Celery, spinach, cilantro and parsley are especially useful for improving potency. They are rich in vitamin C, B1, B2, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Parsley contains apigenin, which suppresses the action of the female hormone estrogen, which negatively affects potency. Celery is rich in zinc, and this important trace element is responsible for the synthesis of testosterone, having a positive effect not only on erectile, but also on the reproductive function of men. For potency, it is better to eat greens raw, since the amount of nutrients decreases during heat treatment.

parsley for potency

The best products for potency

Food products are no less important for increasing potency in men of animal origin. Exclusively plant foods do not provide enough energy. Fish and meat dishes should also be in a man's diet. The saturation of the body with nutrients must be distributed according to the time of day. So, to increase libido for breakfast, you need to eat foods rich in carbohydrates. It is better to eat protein foods for lunch, and light plant foods for dinner. Good nutrition aimed at enhancing male potency is impossible without the inclusion of vitamin and mineral complexes in the diet.

In the diet of men, not only vegetable proteins are needed, but also animals. Meat is a product that is the main building block of tissue. It contains trace elements, vitamins, minerals (phosphorus, potassium, iron and others) necessary for men's health. The best choice would be low-fat varieties: rabbit, chicken. Such meat is highly digestible, contains a low level of bad cholesterol, therefore it is recommended to use it in many therapeutic diets.

Camel Stomach

In the East, the stomach of a camel ranks 1st among the products that increase potency. This is deserved, and at the same time it is not harmful to the body at all. The stomach of a camel, dried according to a special recipe, has a strong healing effect on sexual functions. For potency, it is recommended to use this product immediately before the onset of sexual intercourse. To instantly boost libido, you only need to eat 3 grams of camel stomach (a piece the size of a pea).

Oysters are considered to be the best seafood that can increase libido. Molluscs are known for their stimulating effect on the male organ, because they contain dopamine, a substance that can increase the production of sex hormones. The most suitable oysters for men, caught in the spring. Scientists have determined that at this time of the year, the concentration of zinc and amino acids in molluscs is very high, since they actively reproduce.

Recipes for male potency

The simplest dish to increase potency is nuts with honey. This combination of products will serve as an excellent dessert for every day. Eating nuts with honey every day after a main meal will help solve a sexual problem in a month. To prepare a dessert, you just need to mix the products in equal parts. Another dish useful for potency is ram eggs. This is a favorite delicacy of the male population of the Caucasus. Cooking eggs is simple - you should fry them with onions in olive oil for 15 minutes, and the treat is ready.

Ginseng tincture will help increase testosterone production. It is not difficult to prepare it. Grind the root, then add vodka or alcohol to it (1: 20). Then put the mixture in a dark place and let it brew for 2 weeks. After that, it is necessary to take 25 drops of infusion within a month before meals. The drink will help not only increase the sperm count, but also normalize the psychological state, which is also important for men's health.