Increased potency in men after 50

The man all want to be the winner, and any of its weaknesses kept secret, even if it's health problems. A particular challenge is the issue of increasing potency in men after 50 years to own up to your imperfections is hard but the sooner you do, the higher the chances to find a good tool to deal with the problem at home. How to do without the pills and when to see a doctor?

potency in men after 50 years

What is the potency

Decryption of the term is easy to hold by the same English word: "potential" means "opportunity", and in relation to sexology potency – the ability of men to exercise sexual activity. However, its nature depends on other factors such as personal temperament men, sexual preferences, etc. according to doctors, the potency is a complex mechanism, which incorporates not as much libido, with the name "libido", as erectile function and ability for long-term sex with vivid sensations.

Part of the potency depends on testosterone levels, but there are responsible for it:

  • the condition of the vessels;
  • the circulation process;
  • the nervous system (doctors proved that natural gain erection occurs in a psychologically comfortable environment);
  • the endocrine system (diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, etc. – frequent causes of reduced potency).

Potency in men after 50

Official medicine tend to believe that if women fluctuations in sex hormones at menopause cause a decrease in libido, and General deterioration of the sexual life, a man and 40 years, and 50 and even after 60 does not always have to suffer violations of erection or decrease of sexual desire. If the man raises the question of how to increase potency 50 years before to take the pill, you need to find the cause of her decline, because the problem lies not only in age.

A few points regarding the changes of erectile function in men:

  • Reduced level of the male hormone testosterone begins after the age of 25, but it does not mean the need to look for ways to improve it in 26: androgen insufficiency may not be evident in the 50 process is absolutely individual.
  • Age-related changes in elasticity of the vessels and their gradual narrowing causes in men 50 years of the cave the body of the penis cannot fill with the same speed and in the same amount as in 20 years, so even if the obvious sexual attraction appear problems with erectile function.
  • If previous heart attack/stroke, abnormalities of the heart (and other cardiovascular diseases with frequent exacerbations), to the 50-year-old man could face a reduction in potency owing to impaired circulation.
  • A sedentary lifestyle, which at yesterday's student will not cause problems due to short duration, for 50 years makes itself felt, especially if it is conducted with youth. Broken for a few decades trophic nutrition of the pelvic organs associated with circulatory problems and oxygen transport, therefore, the testicles and prostate work less. With reduced potency hand in hand are prostatitis, the displacement of the pelvic organs, the extra weight in this area.
drugs for potency

How to raise the potency after 50

Methods for treating mild erectile function it is desirable to choose a doctor because of the age of its fall does not exist the underlying pathology. If it is related to the hormone testosterone, it can correct only a technician: in the home you try to promote him only raising drug-free ways. Various stimulants potency that advertise in the media, do not treat and do not give prolonged effect. They are often recommended for seniors, and in 50 years you can restore erectile function otherwise.

Some General advice how to increase the potency after 50 years:

  • don't ignore physical activity;
  • to control diet – poor nutrition throws the endocrine system and worsens the condition of blood vessels;
  • take a contrast bath to the lower part of the body – they help the blood circulation;
  • forget about the harmful habits – alcohol and nicotine kill your erection even at the age of 30;
  • to treat chronic diseases.

If these measures don't work (they help to preserve virility, but its loss can have a low efficiency), the doctor will prescribe medication that:

  • increase libido;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • increase the erection;
  • control the the primary male hormone.

Means to increase potency in the elderly

If you consider medications, they can be aimed at enhancing testosterone levels or blood flow to the penis to trigger an erection. Doctors such funds are recommended in extreme cases because the effect of improving the potency from them short-term, there is a lot of contraindications and it is possible addictive.

The impotence drugs after 50 years

If men are suffering from complete erectile dysfunction, but do not lose their libido, doctors prescribe inhibitors PDE-5 (selective blockers of the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5-th type), the lack of which is short-term action. Is not a means for long-term treatment – they only give a situational increase potency in men after 50.

Most powerful tools that contribute to improving erectile function, are due to acceleration of blood circulation, causing increased blood pressure, headaches and other adverse reactions. If a man wants to avoid them, you should choose natural preparation, or to look at synthetic medications.

A large number of natural products which positively affect erectile function, it is possible to detect in traditional Asian medicine. For those who are looking for, how to increase potency in men after 50 years, this is a great choice, because here a minimum of contraindications.

vitamins for potency

Dietary supplements

Remedies based on natural ingredients have little effect, so there are more to enhance potency, but not to fight with complete erectile dysfunction. It is not necessary to hold them all hope, and in the presence of serious pathologies they are powerless.

How to increase male potency natural ways

Along with taking medications, which must act on the poor health of men, either in order to exclude medical intervention, you should reconsider your lifestyle. In the absence of serious pathologies to improve erections can be achieved in the home easy steps:

  • change diet;
  • massage;
  • training.


Among the unconventional methods that help restore virility, occupies a special place acupressure: it is aimed at enhanced blood circulation in the area of the pelvis and preventing the decline of sexual function. Massage can be performed at home, but first you must learn photo indicating the therapeutic points. Algorithm of actions the such:

  1. About 5 min. grind the lumbosacral hands.
  2. 10 seconds to press on the 3 vertical dots in the area of the sacrum.
  3. After knead with the palms of the foot and the index finger and little finger to push in for 10 seconds on a point in the center: one in front of the heel, the other in front of the pads the front half of the foot.


Physical activity to increase potency in men after age 50, may affect exclusively the muscles of the pelvic organs, or provoke the synthesis of testosterone. Last give exercise with weights (strength), and to the pubic-coccygeal muscles need intimate gymnastics exercises it helps to restore potency and improve the health of the urogenital system. A few basic options:

  • In the process of urinating arbitrarily hold 2-3 times the jet.
  • Contract and relax the pelvic muscles at a fast pace for a minute.
  • Causing persistent erection, you need to put on penis small towel and try to lift it.

Healthy eating

Improvement of potency after 50 years does not happen without correct diet, which will have an effect on the hormonal background (there are products that help the body to synthesize testosterone), and the condition of blood vessels and blood flow. Under proper nutrition to increase potency doctors imply:

  • the presence in the diet sources of zinc (seafood, anchovies, herring, walnuts, pumpkin seeds);
  • the use of vitamins C, E and D, omega-3 fat and omega-6 (the same fish and nuts, fruits, vegetables);
  • the increase in the number of animal protein;
  • the exclusion of overeating.

Folk remedies

In the recipes of alternative medicine mainly flashed herbs used to prepare therapeutic infusions and some food, with the ability to enhance blood circulation. The effectiveness of traditional methods average, so they are used under normal condition. A couple of options:

the solution to problems with potency
  • Brewing 100 g Bay leaves (2 liters of water), filter, pour into a warm bath. Make it 15 minutes.
  • A mixture of honey and walnuts (1:1) to take 1 tablespoon daily for a month.

Tincture to increase potency in men

If you cook the herbal tea has no time/desire, you can buy in a pharmacy alcohol tinctures ginseng levzei, Eleutherococcus. They are working on recovery of potency in men after age 50, and generally strengthen the body. Use them within one month after making a break. The scheme is simple:

  • Tincture of ginseng has a beneficial effect on erectile function. Take it 20 drops up to 3 times a day before meals.
  • Tincture of Siberian ginseng can be used as – 25 drops diluted in 50 ml of warm water, drink half an hour before meals. Receiving three meals a day.