The effect of Smoking on male potency, failover

When men have problems in bed, he immediately starts looking for reasons and factors that affect the urogenital region. Smoking and the potency – two closely related concepts, and the question of how the first affects the second, is always relevant. But to find out, you need to understand what is the harm of Smoking, on which organs it affects, how to quit the habit and regain your erection, continuing a normal life.

Smoking affects the potency

What is the impact of Smoking on the male body?

Today the most common bad habit among men – Smoking, so it is advisable to discuss how Smoking affects the health of men. The main problem is nicotine addiction, which many wish to give up cigarettes are unable to change the situation.

The harm is felt on several organs and systems:

  1. Light is the most suffering and vulnerable section, as the original nicotine gets there. The consequences can distinguish bronchitis, development of asthma, bronchitis, in difficult situations, lung cancer, lips or throat.
  2. Cardiovascular system – smoke reduces the provision of oxygen, leading to hypoxia. It pulls the thinning of blood vessels, making them more brittle, constriction of veins, capillaries, arteries, which in turn leads to arrhythmias, heart failure, increased risk of stroke and heart attack.
  3. Central nervous system – hypoxia and oxygen deficit negatively affect the Central nervous system, as a result one is confronted with headaches, irritability, dizziness, nervousness, insomnia.
  4. Muscular system – toxins and poisons in the composition of cigarettes lead to a decrease in muscle tone, their weakening, as a result, low performance and endurance.
  5. Immunity to harm from Smoking affects the resistance forces of the body, the person becomes vulnerable to germs and viruses.
  6. Appearance – the skin becomes flabby, dull, stretched, becoming painful yellow. The same is observed with the nails, teeth, smokers often caries, infections of the oral cavity. Externally, the smoker looks 5 years older than their peers that do not have this habit.
  7. Hormonal system – Smoking causes hormonal disruption, causing testosterone (responsible for libido) begins to be produced in smaller quantities, hence the oppression of the desire of intimacy, and through a long period of time and the complete impotence due to progression of irreversible processes.

For reference! According to statistics, 5 of men only 1 doesn't smoke. Most abusers first try a cigarette still in their Teens. Worldwide Smoking is exposed to 70% of the population.

Harm and consequences

To understand what has caused the deterioration of health, the smoker needs to know how does a cigarette on his body. As mentioned above, affects the lungs, vessels, heart, CNS, muscles, immunity, skin, teeth and hair as well as hormonal system.

tobacco and potency

The action of nicotine is as follows:

  • vasoconstriction of the microvasculature from one cigarette for 15 minutes;
  • evoking feelings of relaxation and euphoria, as nicotine acts as a stimulant;
  • the exacerbation of feelings of hunger;
  • the decrease in body mass.

Despite a temporary improvement in well-being immediately after the impact of nicotine, the habit subsequently causes the development of many diseases:

  • hyperglycemia and diabetes mellitus;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • increase heart rate;
  • atherosclerotic pathological changes;
  • arrhythmias and impaired heart rhythm;
  • angina;
  • ischemia on the background of atherosclerosis;
  • heart attack;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • reduced potency;
  • infertility;
  • ulcers of the digestive system;
  • lung cancer;
  • neurosis and other diseases of the CNS.

Over time, any human habit causes psychological and physiological dependence. The biggest challenge for anyone in this situation — stop Smoking once and for all.

The effect of Smoking on fertility, testosterone and potency

Tobacco can not only trigger the development of diseases, but also reduce the life expectancy of men. There is also the extremely negative impact of Smoking on potency, because sexual activity is dependent on the work of the heart, veins, arteries and capillaries, nervous, and hormonal systems.

The dangers of tobacco for potency is due to the following facts:

  • Tar and nicotine trigger severe spasms veins, capillaries, arteries throughout the body, disrupting blood circulation. As a result of these changes decreases the rate and force of the onset of erection. The vessels are "faced" with the blockage of the development of atherosclerosis, brittle walls, which exacerbates the situation.
  • Carbon monoxide in the composition of cigarettes reduces oxygen levels in organs, which hampers their work, depresses the immune system, causing inflammation and infections in the region of the urogenital system.
  • Stagnant blood circulation leads to inflammation of the prostate gland, which is the cause of prostatitis and adenoma. These diseases are a direct way to impotence, especially in older age.
  • Smoking provokes deterioration of the thyroid gland and entire endocrine system. Over time, it reduces testosterone in the blood, which directly affects the sexual activity, erection, libido and reproductive function in men.
  • Toxins adversely affect the quality of semen. Reduced activity, mobility and viability of sperm are often observed pathological malformations of the reproductive cells, which in newborns, doctors diagnose serious illnesses and pregnancy in women runs extremely difficult.

Mental and emotional craving and depression of the Central nervous system affect the level of libido. Poisons, tar, soot and radioactive substances in tobacco lead to toxic effect, causing mutations. Smoking also causes a reduction in gonadotropin, which helps to produce testosterone.


Changes in the body after quitting Smoking

The negative impact can be observed not only during Smoking, but after the rejection of bad habits. And if in the first case, the pathological changes can cause even death, in the second are only temporary difficulties. They concern two aspects:

  1. Physiology. As the organism becomes accustomed to the presence of toxins, drink, poisons, smoke and their absorption adapted to such conditions by throwing, there is a shock.
  2. Psychology. The dependence of the time-consuming and thoughts were a comfort in stressful situations and the ability to relax. After the cast is observed abstinence and significant discomfort.

Most importantly, remember that these unpleasant consequences will occur a short time. In comparison with the harm that caused by the Smoking, it's little difficulties to cope with any man.

How to throw?

Most often, quitting tobacco is a big decision provoked strong reasons. This can be the conception of a healthy child, the struggle for the restoration of potency after Smoking cessation, a healthy lifestyle and normalization of health. Men's strength of will and a few tips will help achieve the goal.

To quit Smoking, you need to:

  • to accurately determine the day;
  • to eliminate all triggers that were previously accompanied by Smoking cigarettes;
  • to do new useful things (Hobbies), such as sports, active leisure time, good nutrition;
  • every urgent need to smoke to wait 3-5 minutes (during this time the desire is slightly blunted);
  • to increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet, saturating the body with nutrients instead of toxins and parallel to the "taking up" the mouth.

In severe cases, is NRT – therapy that involves the application of patches, chewing gums, tablets, sprays, lozenges, including nicotine in small doses. Also, the doctor may prescribe certain drugs whose action is directed to the lock associated with nicotine binding to receptors in the brain.

Recovery of potency

recovery of potency

Assessing the benefits of quitting Smoking, the man will be able to begin restoring sexual activity and fertility. To cope with the impact of prolonged bullying resins and smoke urinary and hormonal systems will not be able, most likely, the operation will have to encourage and support. To do this, doctors prescribe various medicines.

In difficult situations need a chemically synthesized pill, they are mostly not treated, but allow a man to have sex, despite the possible problems.

IMPORTANT: in parallel, you need to adjust the diet to normalize sleep and do special exercises. Remember!!! The longer baiting the smoke, the longer it will take to recover.