The causative agent for men fast action

Condition varies erectile function even in men of the same age, not to mention the very young and elderly representatives of a strong half of mankind. Problems with potency arise against any common pathologies, injuries and mechanical damage of the genital organs, and also due to reasons of a psychological nature. Therefore, each case is individual and requires a private approach to the selection of the excitation means.


The pharmacological industry produces a huge number of drugs designed to help man in the solution of problems with erection. According to most manufacturers, these drugs can significantly prolong sexual intercourse, to provide incredible sexual pleasure and increase the number of sexual contacts during the day. Is this true, who and how should take the agents?

To answer these questions, you should be familiar with the types of stimulants and their main characteristics.

What is the causative agents for men?

Male agents is the supplements or drugs that promote erection, and increase libido. The spectrum of action of such drugs is quite broad. They can be used to enlarge the penis and enhance its sensitivity, prevent premature ejaculation, improving the quality of sexual life, and also erectile dysfunction.

Aphrodisiacs have no restrictions on age, because sexual problems can occur in the elderly and very young representatives of the stronger sex.

Among the main reasons for reduced libido are the following:

  • fatigue;
  • regular stress;
  • the abuse of alcohol and Smoking;
  • an unbalanced diet;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • injuries and mechanical damages of the penis;
  • inflammation and disease of the reproductive system.

The negative effects of all the above factors are easily eliminated with the help of stimulating drugs. As a result of their use in men normalizes hormonal balance, increases the level of male hormone (testosterone) in the blood, restores a sustainable and healthy potency. In addition, the male agents contribute to the strengthening of the whole organism, strengthen orgasm and prolong sexual intercourse.

the best agents

Pharmacy pathogens male

Today the pharmacy chain offers a large range of men's agents, which is conventionally divided into two categories: dietary supplements and drugs based on selective inhibitors. The latter have a sufficiently powerful effect and show a positive result already after the first dose.

These substances are composed of different inhibitors such as Avanafil, Tadalafil, sildenafil, Vardenafil and Dapoxetine. These substances inhibit the enzyme PDE5, which is responsible for ejaculation and stimulate a healthy blood flow in the genital area. Under the influence of a selective inhibitor relaxes muscles that leads to quick and quality filling of the cavernous Taurus blood and cause long-lasting erections.

However, these drugs should be taken with great caution, as they have a number of contraindications. For example, from the intake of pharmacological agents should be discontinued for men who suffer chronic kidney disease, the liver and the cardiovascular system. The powerful action of stimulant drugs can cause side effects.

Overview of pathogens for men quick actions in the pharmacy

The most effective and fast-acting agents are the drugs from the group of selective inhibitors of PDE-5. The effect occurs already after the first dose of the drug, the duration of action ranges from 10 to 36 hours.

I must say that the action of all drugs, which are selective inhibitors impossible without natural stimulation. In this case, the erection is completely controlled, amplifying excitation and decreased after complete sexual intercourse.

natural pathogens


Among the best and sought-after means to increase potency and enhance erectile function are present and dietary Supplements (biologically active additives). They have virtually no contraindications (except individual intolerance of the components), but, unlike selective inhibitors, these products start to operate only after a long course of therapy.

Agents of erectile function there is a great variety to say for sure which one is better is quite difficult, because the body of each individual male and each tool operates in its own way. The best medicine is the one that helped get rid of the problem.