A high potency men

Male potency is the ability of an organism to sexual intercourse. However, the potency of affects:

  • the rate of appearance of erection;
  • the normal flow of sexual intercourse;
  • duration of sex;
  • the functioning of the penis.
male potency

It is considered that the potency is maintained throughout the life of the stronger sex, and decreases only at the appropriate age. Translated into French this term means "opportunity". The word "potency" was created in the 19th century and meant sexual activity of the stronger sex.

It is worth emphasizing that the problems in sexual life affected by certain factors, which should be avoided:

  • lack of sleep;
  • the use of alcohol;
  • fatigue;
  • eating fatty foods;
  • sluggishness;
  • hormonal substances.

On the functioning of the penis affected by chronic diseases. They can either increase and decrease the potency. However long it lasts. After 2-3 months the potency is greatly reduced, and may have significant complications.

For men of any age, the potency is very important because it affects sex life and the functioning of the urinary, endocrine and reproductive systems. The potency of the Latin language is translated as power (potentia), while it is as sexual and domestic sphere of life. If there are problems with male power, it may suffer the whole body. Potency, as a rule, is characterized by the rate of occurrence of erection, tension of the phallus libido.

The reasons for the deterioration of potency in men

Causes of reduced potency are often chronic disease. Prostatitis and treatment sooner or later can lead to impotence. Disease varicocele does not directly affect the potency. However, complications associated with this disease, pain, stress and anxiety because of the disease can reduce sexual power of men.

Hypertension reduces the elasticity of blood vessels and blood flow to the penis decreases. Half of men with hypertension, there is a flaccidity of a member during sexual intercourse.

Often the causes of impotency are chronic diseases that are present in many people. But there are some diseases that lead to increased potency, therefore, you should carefully assess your medical history.

A good potency in men is a symptom of the proper functioning of the whole organism. In contrast, the violation of male potency is a symptom of existing diseases or psychological disorders.

If life is calm and measured, health is maintained at the desired level, then the potency of men will be at the proper level. There are no factors preventing a healthy sex life and a harmonious relationship with the opposite sex.

the reasons for the decline of potency
  • Problems with potency in men happen when the body is influenced by the stress and severe fatigue. In this case, to recover a good degree of erection, and to increase the potency is usually enough for a small vacation in a few days. In that case, if the stress becomes chronic and develops into depression, there is a risk of psychogenic impotence.
  • Occur regularly feeling discomfort during the sexual intercourse. May occur in diseases of the urogenital system, pain and itching in the area of the genital organs, prostate, hemorrhoids and others.
  • Disruption of the endocrine system, insufficient testosterone levels, a weak activity of the thyroid gland, can cause chronic violation of potency in men.
  • Different diseases in the chronic form, directly affect the process of emergence of an erection, and Deplete the energy potential of the whole organism. This directly affect the potency of men, because the body spends all his strength on chronic diseases.
  • Diabetes is one of the reasons for the lack or insufficient potency in men.
  • Metabolic disorders in the body also affect the reduced potency of men.
  • Diseases of the digestive and enzyme systems reduce the absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. This leads to reduced synthesis of hormones and substances the body needs men for active sexual life. In General, the disadvantage of such compounds and essential elements detrimental to potency in men.
  • Neurological disorders of the functioning of the brain, or the violation of transmission of nerve impulses, also strongly affect the degree of potency in men.
  • Cardiovascular disease adversely affect the ability of a full sexual life and, consequently, reduce the male potency.
  • Critical impact on the potency of men can have varicose veins, leading to disruption of normal blood flow in the vessels supplying the sexual organs. These violations directly affect the process of emergence of an erection. Also slow down the metabolic processes in the prostate and endocrine glands.
  • Genital injuries can cause disorders of potency in men.
  • Complications after the use of drugs can affect the potency of men. The physician will usually warn the patient about side effects when using drugs.

In addition to the above reasons for erectile dysfunction in men, adverse effects may also provide the ecological situation in the area and radiative forcing.

Harmful habits such as Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption also adversely affect the level of male potency. Need a healthy diet, which should be present vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat. It is very important for good potency of men, to engage in physical activity such as exercise, gym, yoga, cardio, any active sports.

A long and rich sexual life at any age you can save, using biologically active additives (BAA), which contain plant extracts that have tonic effect, stimulating blood flow and lead to normal metabolic processes in the prostate.

Natural teas from herbs and fees for the cleansing of blood vessels, normalization of the heart muscles, restoration of properties of blood, also must be applied to normalize and increase potency in men. In pharmacies of the city are available in different tinctures, charges, and capsules that you can brew your own at home.

Maintaining the level of potency in men at a high level for years to come

According to experts, the first and foremost rule is food. Food plays a major role in healthy functioning of the body. Consumption of fresh vegetables, meat and fruits helps to safely increase the potency.

male potency food

Products, are indispensable in the diet of every man:

  • honey;
  • garlic;
  • nuts;
  • eggs;
  • dark chocolate;
  • carrots and milk.


The Chinese doctors always say that the person there are special points that can to solve all issues associated with men's libido. These points on the feet, back and hands. In order to maximize the impact they require the participation of a doctor or acupuncture (under supervision or with participation of a specialist).

Doctors also recommend to do a prostate massage because it has a positive impact on potency. You can do it yourself in advance in consultation with your doctor.


Increasingly young people are in a sitting position because of work. As a result of deteriorating metabolism, man is prone to rapid deterioration and fullness of sexual desire towards the partner. In this case, you should play sports. On the Internet there are educational videos, which remove instructors. The main task — to make the heart work harder.


Experts have reported that ginger root has a stimulating effect on the sexual activity of the stronger sex, of course, improving circulation and metabolism. Interestingly, ginger can be added to drinks, food or just water, fresh or in powder form. In any case, the root retains its beneficial properties. Here are just a few dishes I should add to get the full taste ginger:

  • baking (ginger cookies);
  • the marinating chicken and other meat;
  • cooking fish and seafood;
  • delicious tea (ginger goes well with honey).

Tincture to increase the potency

  • garlic (really good tincture. For its preparation you will need grated garlic and 0.5 liters of vodka);
  • ginseng (tincture of this plant are already being sold at pharmacies);
  • nettle, calamus, thyme.
male potency massage


Chinese doctors often practice massage when the problems associated with male impotence. On the human body there are special points (on the feet, hands, back), which massaging can improve the potency. For precise exposure is often used in acupuncture. Such procedures have to carry out an experienced specialist. There is a simplified form of massage, which can make the man. To do this:

  • The thumb and index finger of the right hand to clasp your left wrist, then you need to move the fingers at a distance of 2 cm closer to the elbow (there are active points, which are responsible for the phallus). Need to massage them for a minute.
  • Put hands on a belt to the palm of your hand was on the back, thumbs on her belly. Further, shifting of the hands to the active point which is between the waist and the coccyx, you need to actively stretch your middle fingers. The impact on this area will greatly help improve erectile function.


Often representatives of a strong half of mankind at the question how to increase potency in men who are trying to resolve the problem, take special pills, but without specialist advice it can be dangerous to health. Its better to focus on physical exercise during which muscle tone is normalized, the blood actively circulates through the body, the erection is working fine. Here are some effective exercises to improve circulation and restore potency:

  • Feet apart on shoulder width. It is necessary to imagine that you knees tightly clamp the ball. Next you need to stretch the muscles, as if holding an object. Perform 10 reps for 5 seconds each.
  • For the second exercise lie down on your stomach. Hands under chin, elbows out to the sides. Sharply inhale, bending the right leg, gradually reach the knee to the elbow. Return to starting position, making a long exhalation. For the second leg it is necessary to perform the same.
  • Starting position – legs bent at the knees. Need to start running in place, socks on the floor, and heels alternately rise up. When performing exercises, the knees must quickly put forward.

Useful products

A healthy diet is an important factor which affects the male body. There are products that have a stimulating effect on libido. They act as aphrodisiacs. Men should eat foods rich in vitamins, because such food increases the metabolism and action of biochemical, mental reactions of the male body. Offal (liver, lungs, heart) should also be present in the diet. Which increases male potency? Product list:

a list of products
  • vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, courgettes, cabbage, celery, carrots);
  • ginger, garlic, fennel;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • spices: Basil, cinnamon, saffron, red pepper, parsley (heals mechanical impotence);
  • fruits (mango, citrus, pomegranate, apricot, figs, apples, melon, grapes, banana, raspberry);
  • fish and seafood: shrimp, mussels, crabs (well increase the level of male hormones);
  • natural honey;
  • rye bread;
  • nuts (walnuts, pine, cashew, hazelnut);
  • mushrooms;
  • chicken eggs
  • dairy products (cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese).

In addition to streamlining the menu, very important is the fight against excess weight. Adipose tissue has the ability to produce special biologically active substances which are antagonists to testosterone. The result of their influence is a sharp decrease in the number of androgen with the development of typical disorders and symptoms.

To prevent this, it is recommended to enroll in the gym and in parallel to consult a nutritionist. Thus, the work in the shortest possible time to restore normal body weight and to improve potency in a natural way.