How to improve the potency: 10 effective ways for men

Problems with potency can appear in men at any age, but most erectile dysfunction is identified after 40 years. This is due to various reasons: hormonal, vascular, neurological, inflammatory processes of the genitourinary tract and others. Failures in bed impact on the psychological state of the man. He becomes irritable, argumentative, tries to avoid sexual contact. In 95% of cases the potency can be restored to normal. In this article we will describe 10 ways to regain the best erection and virility.

how to improve potency in men

What does it do?

If the cause of reduced potency are organic lesions in the urogenital system, it requires pharmacological correction of the underlying disease. The detection of inflammatory processes antibiotic treatment. Chronic inflammation of prostate gland and reduced potency, it is desirable to massage the prostate at the urology office. Massage allows you to relieve swelling, clean the sexual organ from infectious pathogens, remove pain, restore circulation, improve the efficiency of antibiotic therapy.

If the cause of reduced potency are organic lesions in the urogenital system, it requires pharmacological correction of the underlying disease.

All of these methods will restore the lost potency, make man confident, capable of achieving any goal, not only in bed but in all areas of life!

Medical methods of amplification

The drugs prescribed to enhance erections:

  • Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase. These drugs create an erection by stimulating blood flow to the penis.
  • Stimulants produce its own testosterone. Funds are used to enhance libido and potency, restore blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  • Hormone replacement therapy. The drug is prescribed to men with more severe cases of low levels of the hormone testosterone and decrease the potency.
  • Biologically active agents, products based on extracts of herbs aphrodisiac (yohimbe, ginseng, parsley). Gently stimulate blood circulation and testosterone production in men, reduce inflammation, strengthen the erection.


Lack of essential vitamins can weaken male potency and fertility. Currently, there are special vitamin complexes for men, which includes vitamins and minerals in the right proportion to maintain health and good erections. Present a list of important minerals that affect the potency and ability of males to fertilize:

vitamins for potency
  • Zinc. An essential component for the synthesis of testosterone, production of quality of sperm and enhance potency.
  • Selenium. Involved in the synthesis of testosterone, normalizes the work of genitals of men.
  • Potassium. Necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous and urogenital systems. Gives strength and vigour of the male body, affects the quality of erections
  • Magnesium. Prevents prostate disease, positively affects mood, helps to overcome nervous disorders. A lack of magnesium can lead to poor circulation and reduced potency.
  • Calcium. Lack of calcium can lead to premature ejaculation, problems with erection, low libido.
  • Phosphorus. Helps the production of sex hormones. This is the first mineral that has been recognized directly affect the potency and men's sexual desires.
  • Vitamin A. Improves metabolism, an erection, the quality and quantity of sperm.
  • Vitamin e is Used to restore potency, is responsible for the ability to fertilize.


With erectile dysfunction and weak potency it is important to review your diet. Synthetic vitamin complexes are inferior in absorption of natural vitamins and minerals. Turn to food aphrodisiacs, that is, products that impact on sexual activity and potency: nuts, protein foods, seafood, garlic, parsley, cilantro. Men for stable erection it is useful to eat cauliflower, celery, carrots, avocado. Fruit in the menu improve the potency should contain apples, citrus fruits, pomegranate, figs.

Very useful for men seafood. In many varieties of saltwater fish, shrimp, oysters contain zinc and selenium that can raise testosterone levels, and essential amino acids and substances affecting the libido – a man needs to constantly.

From drinks it is recommended to drink freshly brewed green tea. It improves overall health men, stimulates blood circulation, increases the potency due to the zinc content and amino acid profile. For black tea you can add ingredients that can improve potency: ginger, honey, lemon, rosehip, raspberry. To increase male strength and testosterone levels are also advised to drink green tea, Mare's milk, fruit drinks products, stimulating potency.

Bee products

Honey helps to speed up development of male sex hormones, normalizes the function of the urinary system and nourishes the body with useful substances. To improve the potency and quality of semen is recommended to combine it with nuts and fruit.

No less useful pollen collected by bees. They contain many chemical elements and minerals that slow the aging process, improve erections, stimulates libido in men.

Less well-known bee product strengthens the reproductive system and potency, – fucus jelly. It helps to improve sperm quality, getting rid of infertility, stimulates testosterone production, increases potency and libido, has a positive effect on the nervous system.

hirudotherapy for potency


Leech therapy has long been used to treat sexual impotence, problems with conception and poor potency. Now this method of therapy is included in the list of official medicine. The saliva of the leech contains about 200 biologically active substances, positive effect on the body. Against the background of leech therapy with the aim of increasing potency is restored blood circulation, decreases swelling, relieves the inflammatory process in the genital organs, build a new network of capillaries. As a result, the blood supply of the penis occurs rapidly and achieved a stable erection. Hirudotherapy can help if the cause of erectile dysfunction become chronic prostatitis, prostate adenoma, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, impaired venous outflow, decrease in testosterone level. Men noted improvement in erection and sexual desire after the 3rd procedure.

Popular recipes

To improve the potency of men can help folk remedies. They proven centuries-old experience virtually no side effects. These recipes contain ingredients having anti-inflammatory effect, stimulating the growth of testosterone and potency. Here are the most popular ones:

Honey mix in equal parts with crushed walnuts. Take a tablespoon in the morning for one month.

Mix equal amounts of chopped leaves of parsley, coriander and dill, bring water to a mushy consistency. Take 1 tbsp. spoon a day.

100 grams of grated horseradish, 1 tbsp of honey and same quantity of lemon juice, pour a glass of warm water, let stand half an hour. To take during the day.

250 grams of garlic, pour 300 ml of vodka. To insist in a dark place during the week. Taking a daily 15 drops 1 time a day for 3 weeks.


Erection possible and with the help of special complex of exercises. With regular exercises for men improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, increases the sensitivity of the penis, increases the angle of erection. Physical activity – the key to a high level of testosterone. Dedicate 20-30 minutes a day on these exercises:

  • Pelvic rotation in one or the other side.
  • Step in place, raising knees up to your chest.
  • Feet spread shoulder-width apart, hands on waist. Slightly squatting, stretch and relax the muscles of the buttocks.
  • Lying on your back, raise and lower the pelvis.
  • Lying on your back, rotate legs (the bike).

The rejection of bad habits

The effect of Smoking and alcohol on the potency should not be underestimated. Smoking disrupts the normal blood flow, the deteriorating state of the vessels formed micro spasms, bodies experience oxygen starvation in the tissues of accumulated toxins. This reduces the blood flow into the penis, decreases the synthesis of natural testosterone.

the rejection of bad habits

Toxic substances in the alcohol strike the parts of the brain responsible for the transmission of impulses from excitement to erection. Alcohol, especially beer, reduces the production of testosterone in men. The result is reduced quality and quantity of sperm, its fertilizing capacity, decreases libido, there are problems with erection.

If you tuned in to a healthy and fulfilling sex, then immediately give up Smoking and alcohol. Should not be tempted even small doses of harmful substances is detrimental to potency. The body recovery would take time.

Regular sex

If you have problems with potency many men often avoid sex, fearing a repeat of the fiasco that leads to the aggravation of the situation. The inaction of the genital organs reduces oxygen flow to the pelvic organs. This leads to the stagnant phenomena and inflammatory processes in the prostate gland and decrease in potency. Regular sex stimulates the production of testosterone, trains the muscles responsible for erection, is the prevention of inflammatory diseases.

Sleep and rest

Insomnia, chronic fatigue, impaired sleep and rest can badly affect male potency. Highlight for a night's sleep at least 8 hours, ventilate the room before going to sleep, refrain from drinking tea and coffee at night. The best solution is to go on vacation. In the adjustment of sleep mode is often problems with potency go away.

We brought 10 the available methods of recovery of potency. Healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, vitamins combined with drug therapy are able to restore erections, enhance libido. Confidence in his men's solvency is the key to a happy and peaceful relationship.