The best exercises to strengthen the potency

Quality potency depends on the intensity of metabolism. The normal speed of metabolic processes and biochemical reactions necessary for sustaining of erection, provided by a strong muscular and active blood flow. To improve the potency and keep it until old age is possible by means of simple exercises. The main condition of their effectiveness, proper technique and regular execution.

exercises to strengthen the potency

Strength training

Strength training and good to increase testosterone levels and enhance metabolism. Both factors positively affect the potency. After the training effect recovery of the cells and "afterburner" fat lasts for hours, ensuring active blood flow. In this period also leaves the extra fat that the body uses as energy for regeneration.

The most effective to raise potency are the following exercises:

  • Squats and a leg press;
  • Pull-UPS;
  • Pushups and bench press;
  • Deadlifts.

Deadlifts — great for stimulating overall muscle growth basic exercise with free weights. Follow the technique and in no case do not repeat the mistakes

The more muscles worked in an exercise, the more intense stands out testosterone and accelerates metabolism. For lessons do not have to go to the gym. You can buy patterned dumbbell or barbell and do the exercises at home.

To increase potency and toning you can take sports supplements with amino acids that contribute to the compaction of muscle and the improvement of the spermogram values.

Simple exercises

To enhance the potency suitable and conventional exercises do not require sports equipment. Some of them can be performed right in the office to warm up and disperse blood flow. Each movement is repeated to a burning sensation in the muscles.

"The bridge"

uprajnenie bridge

Exercise "the bridge" is one of the most popular to enhance potency. You can do as a lightweight variant, and base. In the first case from the supine position legs bent at the knees, resting on the heel, the pelvis is lifted, the load of the body when it rests on the shoulder and forearm. In the second embodiment, reliance on the palms, chest arched. The exercises can be performed dynamically and statically. When lifting the pelvis should feel tension in the groin area.


This exercise aims to work the inner thigh muscles and pelvic floor. From a seated position bend your knees, raise to the sides, heels together and pull to the groin. Hands holding feet, elbows rested on his knees. The essence of the exercise is to try to bring the knees, confronting them with their elbows. The voltage is held for a few seconds, then relax the knees in the breeding side. For greatest efficiency, you can use the same mini-simulator "butterfly".


Exercise "frog" ("cliffhanger") requires a certain physical preparation and retention of balance. From a standing position on all fours to accept an emphasis lying, the body is straightened (as in run "bar"), toes and hands resting on the floor. Leg through the side stretches the knee with the shoulder, then comes back, also works the second. This exercise is considering not only the groin area, but also the whole body.

Walking on the buttocks

Walking on the buttocks not only provides activation of blood flow in the pelvis, but also a kind of prostate massage. Starting position: sitting on the floor with legs straight, arms bent at the elbows. The essence of the exercise: alternately transferred buttocks from point to point (not necessarily forward), feet when driving straight. The tummy needs to stretch and relax by touching the floor. To sway from side to side is not necessary.

High pitch

High pitch is often used as an exercise to warm up. Technique: back straight, knees under the sequential lifting toward the chest. To lean forward is not necessary, it is important to feel the stretching of the gluteal and inguinal muscles. The number of steps should be at least 50.

"Scissors" and "Bicycle"

"Scissors" and "Bicycle" is a classic exercise to strengthen the blood flow from the legs to the pelvic area are also a good prevention of varicose veins. Performed from a prone position on your back or reclining, the balance is provided with emphasis on the elbows. Scissors: straight leg raised about 45° from the floor, are pulled apart and brought together sole to sole with either zahlest. Further developed muscles will help the weights, put on the tibia, or shock absorber "eight". "Bicycle" is running on the same principle.

The rotation of the pelvis

Rotation of the pelvis as with a hula-Hoop (Hoop), and without it a good stretch the abdominal and lumbar muscles providing enhanced blood flow. Technique exercises: feet on width of shoulders, rotation are performed with a maximum amplitude of a series in one and the other side. The shoulder belt remains stationary.

Kegel exercises

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are simple and yet very effective. They can be used to improve erectile function, to learn how to control ejaculation, and in some cases even completely to get rid of impotence. Especially useful these exercises men over 50. Initially, it is important to feel the muscle to strengthen which will aimed workout. For this you need to interrupt the flow of urine or to shake his tense penis – the required field will manifest itself. The essence of the exercises is in the dynamic and static contractions of the muscles. "Reverse Kegel" (pushing motion) effective for drainage of the prostate.

Strengthening intimate muscles, you can go to learn Taoist exercises that will help men suffering from premature ejaculation. The most popular of them: in anticipation of orgasm, squeeze the muscles of the groin, hold your breath, pull the stomach.

Yoga and qigong

Yoga and qigong relate to static types of exercises. Their effectiveness lies in enhancing blood flow and lymph flow by stretching muscles and keeping them stress. In yoga most of the poses contribute to the stretching of the spine is also a big plus for potency, since the centers of erection and ejaculation are located in the spinal cord. A different kind of pinching in the lumbar often cause erectile dysfunction. Initially you will have to spend some time mastering the technique and learn how to concentrate, otherwise the effectiveness of training will be low.

In yoga, we can identify several exercises that are suitable for recovery and maintenance of potency:

  1. "Bow". From a prone position on her stomach to get his hands back and grab toned foot bend, lifting and expanding the chest. To stay on for 10 seconds.
  2. "The plow." To perform the exercises will require a certain flexibility of the spine. From the supine position, based on stretched along the body hands slowly and carefully to make straight legs behind your head and stretch his socks to the floor. Linger for 3-5 seconds. Exercise promotes the renewal of blood in the groin organs through the forced inflow and outflow.
  3. "Boat". From a prone position on her stomach to lift and fix the outstretched arms (forward) and legs. The body will SAG and the center of gravity moves to the lower abdomen. Pose is 10 seconds.
  4. "Cobra" − a simple exercise that you can perform right in bed after you Wake up as charging. From a prone position on the belly of the brush to put under the shoulders and straighten arms, forming a trough. The head tilt is not necessary. Socks and chin are drawn in opposite directions. To fix the pose for 10 seconds.

Breathing during exercise should be calm and smooth.

Qigong is a more complex system because much attention is paid to redistribution of energy flows. The feasibility and the essence of this process is not well understood. But men who took the trouble to master some of the exercises based on the position of the floor of the squat was pleased with their impact on potency.

gymnastics Bubnovsky

Gymnastics Bubnovsky

Effective ways of physical exercise to improve the potency you can borrow from gymnastics Bubnovsky - known therapist. For training you will need rubber bumpers with loops on the ends. The doctor to increase blood flow in the groin recommends the following exercise options:

  • Lock the isolator in the middle to any support, thread the feet in the loops and move at such a distance below the knees up to the stomach in the prone position was difficult. It is desirable to hold anything with your hands to avoid shifting of the housing in the direction of the shock absorber;
  • Damper lock top (you can squeeze the door) so that the loop hung at a distance of 1.5-2 m from the floor. Starting position lying on back, one leg threaded into the loop and with the stress falls on the floor, then works second;
  • To turn on her side, leg on top with a force provided to the support.

These exercises quickly and effectively stimulate blood flow in the groin area. To perform each approach to "abandoned" muscle pain. Before the training necessary warm-up, which you can use a high step, light Jogging in place, squats. Regular performance of a complex Bubnovsky is a good prevention of prostatitis, strengthens joints and ligaments. If the weak potency due to congestive processes, the effect of its improvement will be noticeable within a week.


Exercises for potency, like any other way of activating the blood flow, are not recommended in the presence of inflammatory diseases (especially of the urogenital system), and cancer formations. The result can be a rapid spread of pathogens, and stimulation of tumor growth.

Men with weak joints from heavy weight training and Jogging should be abandoned in order to avoid progression of the disease. The best option would be gymnastics Bubnovsky.

For strong potency needed not only active in the bloodstream, but clean and elastic blood vessels. Therefore, you should consider that effectively improve erectile function by exercising on a background of Smoking or frequent alcohol intake will be very difficult. Overvoltage fragile and spasm of the vascular walls would lead to their destruction, many times will increase the load on the heart.

outdoor air


A wide range of exercises for potency, you can combine them in the most convenient way. To train intimate muscles using Kegel exercises, you can at any time. Gymnastics center Bubnovskogo enough to run 3-4 times a week. Simple exercises such as "scissors" or sit-UPS you can do as a morning exercise or just before sex. Taken together, these activities ensure a reliable prevention of congestive processes and inflammation in the pelvic area, will improve the condition of blood vessels and increase the potency.