What factors affect male potency

For men success on the love front no less important than a business career, relationships with friends, life arranged. Progress is inseparably associated with environmental pollution, production of low quality products. To this must be added the lack of physical activity, a lot of diseases, constant stress, and it becomes clear why already at the age of thirty having problems with masculine health. To understand how to avoid sexual abuse, let us see what affects potency in men.

Men's potency involves a range of States: the degree of intensity of libido, power, and stability the erection, duration of sexual intercourse. Various factors affect all these processes, both positively and negatively. To prevent the occurrence of manifestations of erectile dysfunction and old age to maintain sexual ability at the appropriate level, about men's health need to care from a young age.

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Men's sexual activity, his ability to procreate depend not only on the age factor, but also on lifestyle, diet, the presence of certain diseases. To strengthen the potency you need to avoid negative impacts and, conversely, to try to fill our lives with that positive effect on virility.

Factors that negatively affect potency

That affects the male potency, you can talk for a long time, this is the topic of many studies and scientific medical works. We want to talk in detail about the main factors that affect the male power.

  • Diseases of the urinary organs — first of all, it is a chronic inflammation of the prostate, testicles, urethra different etiologies.
  • Disorders of the endocrine system — diabetes mellitus, pathology of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus are associated with inhibition of natural synthesis and a decrease in the levels of testosterone, and, consequently, with decreasing sexual desire and erection.
  • Excess body weight — overweight men potency reduced for several reasons. First, the high lipid content helps to suppress the production of male hormones and increased production of oestrogen. Excessive weight causes a disruption of the structure of blood vessels and poor circulation that can impact negatively on the strength and stability of erection.
  • Eating fatty, fried and spicy food.
  • Excessive amounts in the diet of sugar and other carbohydrates — the abuse of sweets threatens a violation of hormonal background and development of many dangerous diseases, such as diabetes.
  • Lack of physical activity or, conversely, excessive load — permanent seat invariably associated with the development of many diseases of the reproductive organs, and men who are fond of long hard workout, can suffer from testosterone deficiency.
  • Taking certain medicines decrease the potency can be caused by long-term administration of glucocorticoids, diuretics, beta-blockers, antidepressants, tranquilizers, and other sedatives and psychotropic drugs. Many men wonder whether regular Valerian have a negative impact on the potency. Prescribed doses and modes of reception tincture of Valerian has a positive effect, relieving tension, improving blood flow to the reproductive organs, which can relieve spasms. But, if instead of thirty drops to drink much more, you will want to have sex, and quietly sink into blissful sleep.
  • The use of steroid anabolic steroids for increasing muscle mass — a variety of additives of this kind are often used by athletes and bodybuilders. Many of these products contain testosterone, which in theory, should sound good. But not so simple: getting a hormone from the outside, the body adapts and starts to produce less testosterone, resulting in can develop serious hormonal disturbances and to the critical level to decrease the potency. In addition, the composition of some, to put it mildly, poor-quality sports supplements included soybeans containing phytoestrogens. The increased level of estrogen in the male body it inhibits the production of testosterone, which consequently affects the sexual desire and power of erection.
  • The psychological factor for a normal sexual life, a man requires open and trusting relationship with the partner, affection and attention and not just following instincts. It is also proved that one of the worst enemies of men's force in favor of stress and nervous tension, which has become a real scourge of modern man. The potency may be reduced under the influence of depressed mood, depression, chronic fatigue and neurosis.
  • Alcohol — it is known that, once in the body, ethyl alcohol causes a disruption of the structure and functions of the liver. As strange as it may seem at first glance, between the liver and the reproductive system there is a direct relationship. When caused by abuse of alcohol disruption of liver markedly reduced the level of testosterone. In addition, the deterioration of the heart and condition of the vessels lead to insufficient blood supply to the genitals and the negative effects of alcohol on the spinal centers due to weak erection and ejaculation disorders.
  • Smoking — this addiction is healthy and potency incompatible because toxic resin produced by the combustion of tobacco causes narrowing of blood vessels and a significant deterioration of blood circulation.
  • Drugs — like alcohol, drugs adversely affect the spinal cord, thereby reducing the potency and disrupting ejaculation. Ejaculation can be premature, and may not even happen. In addition, many people who use drugs are infected With hepatitis C, as you know, liver disease inhibit testosterone production, contributing to erectile dysfunction. The production of male sex hormones also violates the use of marijuana. There is also psychogenic impotence associated with caused by prolonged use of drugs depression.
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That affect the potency positively?

But not so bad, because there are a number of factors that contribute to the strengthening of male power and potency:

  • Food — a man must include in your diet as many foods rich in vitamins A and C. It is a variety of types of cabbage, carrots, greens, onions, garlic, green salad, black currant, wild rose. Seafood and sea fish supply the body with necessary amounts of zinc, selenium, iodine, and unsaturated fatty acids. We should not forget about protein foods — dairy products, eggs, lean meat. Vegetable oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin E, which helps to normalize the work of the testes, pituitary and thyroid. Men's health is also a useful honey, dark chocolate and cocoa.
  • Sufficient physical activity — this issue should also be approached intelligently: it is not necessary to conduct daily hours of exhausting training, enough to jog jog, do exercise, just walking. A man must get used to the fact that during long periods of sitting (e.g. at a computer at work) he needs to regularly take short breaks for physical workout.
  • The mode of the day — need to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day. Besides the fact that the body needs rest for recuperation, during a night of sleep produces maximum amount of testosterone.
  • Douches — when pouring cool water stimulates circulation in the reproductive organs.