Review of folk remedies to increase potency

In pharmacies and online stores offer a wide choice of different tools to improve the potency, but not every man is willing to use them because of the high rates, confidence in the manufacturer or uncertainty about the effectiveness. Commercial product is a worthy alternative – folk remedies, recipes are based on the experience of many generations, cheap and available in implementation.

folk remedies for potency

The advantages of folk medicine

Recovery of potency of folk remedies take patience. The effect sometimes occurs only after a few weeks, but is fixed permanently. The main advantages of traditional medicine:

  • Recipes are based on natural ingredients, which are easy to get;
  • All means are simple to prepare;
  • No serious adverse reactions;
  • Along with the increased potency is healing of the body as the most bioactive components have a complex effect on multiple systems at once;
  • No addictive.

National methods increase potency can be combined without side effects. Most of them can use men over 60 who are contraindicated for many synthetic agents.

Infusions and herbal tinctures

Herbal medicine is the most popular method to increase sexual potency. Raw materials can be expensive to buy in drugstores or assemble yourself – we need grass often grows right under your feet. Some familiar plants are opened from an unexpected quarter. For example, asparagus officinalis is a delicate "tree", a frequenter of many suburban areas, the component of garden bouquets. Many will be surprised by the fact that its fruit (red berries) in ancient China was actively used for the restoration of male power. The recipe for the brew in a thermos: 7-8 berries, pour 250 ml of boiling water, to insist 10 hours. Drink 4 tablespoons per day. The course is 1-2 weeks.

Useful for improving the potency of the herb is Hypericum perforatum. The plant possesses antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties that with proper use of boosts libido. Recipe tincture: 20 g of dry inflorescences pour 500 ml of vodka, insist 2 weeks. Used weeks if there are signs of prostatitis: 1/3 teaspoon (diluted in water) three times a day before meals. To increase potency more suitable tea from the buds, which can drink directly before intercourse. Frequent and prolonged use of preparations of St. John's wort can lead to reduced libido, early ejaculation.

the tincture of Hypericum

To increase potency you can use thyme (thyme). This plant cannot be called an aphrodisiac, but it has pronounced antiseptic properties, contains the necessary for the male reproductive system zinc, selenium and molybdenum. Regular intake of decoction or tincture is especially useful for men in older age: thyme stimulates the testes, effectively protects the prostate gland, the urinary organs from inflammation, the risk of which increases in the period of andropause .

The tincture recipe for potency: 100 g of raw material is poured into 300 ml of vodka, infused for about 3 weeks, then filtered. Take 1/3 teaspoon, 10 minutes before meals, course – 3 weeks.

An effective means to raise libido and potency is considered to be the root of the ginseng is the main component of the majority of the male dietary Supplements. Usually used in tincture form. Recipe: dry the root, grind 30 g of the resulting raw pour 500 ml of vodka, insist month. Strained infusion taken for 6 weeks (20 drops 3 times per day), followed by a break for a month. The tool will help to cope with impotence caused by excessive fatigue, symptoms of VSD will lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

A good way to increase potency is the infusion of Kalgan. The root can prepare yourself – this plant is sometimes known as "night blindness" and it grows everywhere. Tincture gently regulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems, it is recommended that men after 50 years. Recipe: 50 g of root (dry, ground), pour 1 liter of vodka, insist 3 days, then strain through cheesecloth, put into the refrigerator. Drink ½ tablespoon (diluted with water) 3 times a day. Course – a month.

There is another recipe tincture − packaged powdered galangal from the pharmacy: 6 bags of 2.5 g per 3 l jar of moonshine. Through the day the packages are extracted, wrung out, in a jar added 6 cubes of refined sugar. For reviews men the tool, taken in the amount of 40 grams for lunch or dinner, is a potent stimulator of almost instant action.

With a weak potency (especially in disorders of vascular origin) will help vitamin tonic infusion of red Rowan berries and rose hips. Recipe: 2 tablespoons of dried berries pour 2 liters of water (boiling), then 15 minutes, remove from heat, cover and leave for 12 hours. Strained beverage keep in a cool place, drink tea instead.

Note: tincture (in the alcohol or vodka) on the hips increases the pressure, and infusion – reduces.

Useful for potency properties are the leaves of gooseberry:

  1. Improve the quality and speed of transmission of nerve impulses.
  2. Strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  3. Accelerate blood circulation and metabolism.
Kalganova tincture

Recipe infusion: a tablespoon of fresh chopped leaf to put in the thermos, pour a glass of boiling water for 30 minutes. Drink 20 minutes before a meal. The course is 1-2 weeks.

To "revive" sluggish potency with the help of drugs based on the male Orchis. Its underground part two tubers are very similar to testes: one of them old, for the use of not suitable, the other younger, blond color. On its basis, and prepare tools to enhance erections, stimulates the production of testosterone. The raw material used salep – ground root. Recipe tincture: 10 g of raw pour 100 ml of alcohol, insist 2 weeks. Coactam to boost potency is used as follows: 30 drops diluted in 100 ml of water and drink before meals. The course is 1 month.

Effectively increases the potency of garlic. This vegetable stimulates the synthesis of testosterone and cleanses the blood vessels. Tibetan tincture recipe: 200 g of crushed teeth, pour 200 ml of alcohol, insist 10 days, strain and infuse for 3 days. Is taken three times a day 5 drops diluted in 50 ml of milk.

To increase the potency by using Urtica dioica. The highest concentration useful for erection substances contained in the seeds. The tincture recipe: 5 tablespoons pour 250 ml of vodka, insist 3 days, drain. Take 15 drops three times a day for 2-3 weeks.

Many men increase the potency of the tincture of the root of calamus swamp: 100 g of raw material on 1 l of vodka. Insist means 2 weeks. Drink a teaspoon 10 minutes before eating. Course cycle – 2 weeks, 2 weeks break.

Men who have low potency due to diabetes and inflammation of the urinary organs (prostatitis, urethritis), it is recommended to accept funds on the basis of aspen bark. Recipe tincture: 100 g of raw pour 100 ml of alcohol, insist 30 days. Drink 15 drops (diluted in water) three times a day. The course is 2 months.

Useful for potency and the whole body and tea sea buckthorn berries (and fresh berries), as well as parsley and celery (greens and roots). Valuable for men product is a pumpkin. This is especially true of the seeds containing a large amount of zinc. Daily rate – no more than a handful, otherwise diarrhea.

Bee products

One of the most effective natural remedies to enhance potency is fucus homogenate – "milk" the larvae of bees-drones. Therein a wide range of vitamins and minerals included hormone-like substances that increase testosterone levels.

Favorable influence on sexual potency, prostate, blood vessels and the functioning of testicles renders a decoction of bee mortuus apes (dry bees): a tablespoon of raw pour 0.5 liters of water, boil for about an hour, cool, strain. Take a tablespoon before eating. Course – a month.

honey for potency

A valuable source necessary for human organism substances is pollen (bee pollen). It is a powerful bio-stimulator, which is able to not only restore potency, but also vitality, to neutralize the effects of chemotherapy and operations (e.g., after prostatectomy). Pollen is best taken sublingual (under the tongue) 20-30 minutes before Breakfast. Can be mixed with honey so it lasts longer composition.

If the violation of potency caused by anxiety or depression, it will help tincture of propolis: a piece of resin weighing 20 g, pour 80 ml of alcohol, to insist 7 days. To drink in the form of a solution (40 drops per 200 ml of water) 3 times a day for 25 minutes before meals, course in 2 weeks.

Delicious and healthy for potency remedy is honey-nut mixture with the addition of dates or dried apricots. Safe for health the daily rate of honey – 2 tablespoons. It contains a lot of fructose and glucose (about 65%), but insulin for their absorption is not involved, so the load on the pancreas is not increased.

Potency contributes to the use of honey with ginger. Can be used as a dry root (brew in a tea and add honey), and crude: 500 g of honey mixed with 70 g of grated ginger, insist 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

In violation of potency, caused by prostatitis, effective honey candles. Recipe:

  • Place in heat resistant dishes 500 g of beeswax and 500 ml of vodka;
  • Hold the mixture on a water bath until a homogeneous brown mass of thick consistency;
  • Do not let boil. Remove and pour into molds (or dazzle candles from a slightly cooled mass).

Candles ready to go in the fridge. Apply 1-2 times a day.

Other means for potency

Many men at the age of 40-45 years as an effective means to increase potency recommend the tincture on the the beaver stream (content perianalny glands of the animal). Medicine product called castoreum.

The main properties of the tinctures:

  1. Blood pressure and hormonal balance.
  2. Tones the body.
  3. Removes waste products.
  4. Thins the blood and enhances its circulation, purifies blood vessels.
  5. Relieves inflammation.
  6. Promotes tissue regeneration.

The tincture recipe for potency: 200 g of raw material to insist in 1 liter of vodka throughout the month. Drink one teaspoon for 15-20 minutes before eating. The taste is disgusting, so it is recommended to drink coffee or cocoa. Effect improve the potency comes rather quickly – after 1-2 weeks. At the same time improves muscle tone and increases testosterone levels.

Potency and contributes to the overall improvement of the mummy – the retinoid mixture of mineral and organic components. Properties that help improve erectile function:

  • The restoration and revitalization of the peripheral nerves;
  • The lifting of vascular spasm, improve blood circulation;
  • Stimulation of testosterone synthesis and sperm;
  • The reduction in inflammation.

The most simple method of use for stimulation of potency: dissolved in water (200 ml) Shilajit ball with a diameter of 5 mm (corresponding to 0.2 g). Drinking on an empty stomach in the morning for 10 days, then take a break for 5 days. This cycle is repeated 3-4 times.

Some men to enhance the potency helps soda: term ingestion for alkalinity of the body and soda baths to increase blood flow.

Erection at home just before intercourse is also possible with the help of folk ways. An effective method of rapid action: lubricate the foot liquid honey, for 10 minutes apply a wet mustard, then feet, rinse and RUB dry.

honey and ginger for potency

For fast blood flow to the penis you can gently spread it (without head) with a mixture of honey and ginger. After a few minutes the mask is washed off.

To increase the potency will help the introduction in the diet of some spices, eg: turmeric, cinnamon, saffron.

Folk remedies to increase potency have differing effectiveness depending on a man's age, the extent and causes of erectile dysfunction. We can not tolerate any signs of individual intolerance the drug should immediately cancel. In order to avoid negative consequences of a decision on course of treatment of violations of potency by one method or another, it is advisable to coordinate with your doctor.


Oleg, 51: "for several years felt a steady decline in potency, yet familiar to the hunter gave the tincture to a beaver stream. People were disgusted, but firmly. Inflow of forces is felt more on the 4th day and by the end of 2 weeks, erections improved significantly".

Igor, 55 years: "I do Not know problems neither with pressure nor with potency – I have everything in the male line periodically drank the infusion to Kalgan, it will protect from urogenital diseases and supports normal erection".


Increase potency with the help of "folk methods" is a very real possibility. However, many men relate to such funds skeptical and obviously configured for the lack of results. In such cases there is often a placebo effect, only in reverse – the drug exerts its effects on the body, but potency not improved, but for psychogenic reasons.