How to increase erectile function - the recipes of traditional medicine and herbal medicine

The potency problems facing men of all ages. The fear of doctors, and before the lack of understanding of society forces them to take various synthetic drugs, which have short-term effects and causing the body great harm. But men can improve erection without any harm to health by preparing one of the folk remedies for potency at home.

problems with potency

What is the potency

Men are hard to discuss intimate issues with doctors. Especially when it comes to potency – the ability to carry out sexual intimacy with another person. The reason for its decline is frequently the strain on the nervous system, but some patients with this problem suffer from obesity or addiction to alcohol. Affect sexual activity and stress.

How to raise a potency in house conditions

Alternative medicine encourages men to improve erection with the help of the herb and essential oils. But to normalize the potency you can, if you get rid of bad habits, stress and excess weight. Folk remedies to increase potency in men, absolutely can not take if you have allergies. It is undesirable to assign them yourself. If you think about how to increase male potency natural ways, check out the tips below:

  • Follow BMI. Obesity of any degree leads to deterioration of all organs.
  • Conduct water treatments every day. Contrast showers and relaxing baths with sea salt help to relieve tension and improve blood flow.
  • Avoid prolonged stress and depression. Modern medicine offers many methods to combat the factors provoking these States. You can study them if your work involves a lot of stress.
  • Monitor the level of hormones. All functions of the body regulate these biologically active substances. Tracking hormone levels will help to avoid reduced potency and disability.

Folk remedies

Honey, aloe, calamus, ginseng, nettle and other plants in addition to vitamins contain complex amino acids that affect the synthesis of hormones. Herb dilates blood vessels, improves trophism and muscle tissue. Many healers, answering the question of how to raise the potency in men folk remedies are advised to take tinctures and teas for plant-based. Such raw material has a mild effect on the body by activating the production of hormones.

Herbs that increase potency in men

Among the plants that help improve sexual life, the most popular is the ginseng. Tincture of 350 grams of the root and honey can cure even advanced cases of impotence. This result is due to the fact that ginseng contains plant hormones. A mixture of prunes and honey are not only able to return a man's strength, but also to restore the immune system. To prepare it you need:

potency honey and nuts
  • 300 grams of honey;
  • 200 grams of chopped prunes;
  • 200 grams chopped dried apricots;
  • 200 grams of chopped nuts.

It is possible to normalize the potency to use nettles. One tablespoon of raw material is poured 250 ml of boiling water. To infuse the broth is 30-40 minutes. The liquid should be divided into 3 parts and taken after meals. Nettle stimulates the urinary system, thereby improving the potency and undergoes swelling. Seeds of plants can be mixed with honey and then eat 1 tablespoon a day.


To prepare a versatile folk remedy for potency in house conditions on the basis of this plant will not work. Some corny don't like the smell and taste of garlic, while others suffer from allergies to it. The use of plants is that it thins the blood and contains a lot of vitamins. The traditional way of preparing garlic tincture as follows:

  1. It is necessary to take 1 kg of plants, grind it to a pulp and place in a glass jar.
  2. The mixture should pour boiling water, tightly close the jar, wrap it with a towel or paper, then place over a month in a dark place.
  3. Once a day shake the tincture.

To take the infusion can 30 days along with milk. One teaspoon of solution is put in a glass of liquid. Infusion taken as long as it is not over. Well-proven mixture of garlic, honey, nuts and roots of pink Rhodiola. It take 1 tablespoon after each meal. To enhance the effect of the mixture you can drink a decoction of plantain.

Essential oils

Folk remedy for potency at home you can cook with concentrated essences of plants. When choosing essential oils should consider not only the expert advice but the individual characteristics of the organism. If you dislike the smell of cinnamon, the extract is unlikely to increase your virility. To increase the potency at home will help mix the following essential oils to a fragrance lamp:

  • 1 drop of atlas cedar;
  • 1 drop of vetiver;
  • 2 drops of cinnamon;
  • 2 drops rosemary;
  • 3 drops ylang-ylang;
  • 5 drops of lemon.
garlic for potency

How to increase the potency at home fast

To instantly return a man's strength can only tools of pharmacology, but the damage from them exceeds the benefit. Various herbs and essential oils are harmless to the body, but not every man can handle their choice. Besides, not everyone has the time to explore popular recipes for male power, and then attempt to prepare them are described in tinctures and teas. In such situations can help:

  1. Daily sport activities. Physical activity stimulates the production of hormones, enhance endurance, and help fight various disorders.
  2. The rejection of bad habits. Alcohol, sugar and tobacco narrow the blood vessels, which leads to lack of blood supply, and then to impotence.
  3. Struggle with stress. Removing mental and emotional stress is as important a thing as in and out of the comfort zone. If stress accumulates, the person appears of various diseases of internal organs and abnormalities in behavior.
  4. A full night's sleep. Without rest all body systems do not work in full force. Deterioration of erection with the constant lack of sleep – is normal.


Increased potency at home folk remedies are often temporary. In addition, the reduction of sexual power indicates that the man has psychological or physical problems. Experts advise to improve erections to reconsider your diet. The food should contain a full range of vitamins and minerals. To add to the menu:

  • parsley;
  • seafood;
  • turnip;
  • garlic.

This does not mean that your diet will consist only of the products listed above: you need to eat healthy. If you have problems with body weight, you must avoid fatty food and heavy meat. Among the seafood is especially useful to improve the erection flounder and oysters. They are composed of complex amino acids and zinc are responsible for the production of testosterone.


Alex, 37 years

feedback about the potency

Constant stress at work led to reduced potency. To have sex I almost didn't want that much impact on the relationship with his wife. It almost came to divorce, but I decided to go to the doctor. I was prescribed a diet and tincture of ginseng. After 2 weeks, the erection came back, and the situation at home has improved.

Eugene, 25 years

Always thought trouble in bed – the lot of the ushers for 40 years, until faced with it myself. In horror ran to the clinic, passed a bunch of tests. The doctor said everything was normal, except for the stagnation of venous blood. To solve I was given a pill and told to drink peppermint tea. Improvements appeared on day 3 of therapy. Since then constantly monitor the health.

Dennis, 46 years

Harmful habits such as Smoking and alcohol partying with friends, accompanied me all my life. So, when I caught up with impotence, I'm not particularly surprised. Unfortunately, folk remedies for potency men did not help me. I had to go to the doctor, who prescribed a lot of pills and a diet, but to recover to the end failed.