How to increase potency in men after 40 years?

Erectile dysfunction or a more familiar term for impotence is erectile dysfunction, when the volume and hardness of the penis is insufficient for the process of sexual intercourse, its completion.

violation of potency after age 40

Reduced potency

Potency can not is always in the high normal human, so most men should just put up with it. But why reduce comes 40 years, is another question.

It is worth noting that the largest surge of testosterone occurs in adolescents when they are going through puberty. Reduction of the testosterone usually begins closer to 40, but it is not fact.

Since there are many cases where libido decreases and in 35 and even 30 years. The importance of testosterone is that this hormone controls in human muscle growth of hair and responsible for sexual function in men.

In addition to lowering testosterone by age 40, the decrease of erection can be a stagnation in the pelvis. After all, if this place has problems with circulation, it is not surprising that it affects reproductive organs.

Causes of declining libido

Appears potency after 40 men have problems almost every second: 48% of the strong half are faced with sexual dysfunctions. Among the reasons there are two global categories of the origin of illness: psychological and organic.

According to doctors, the share of the factor connected with the psyche, accounts for 1/5 of all cases. Other phenomena associated with physiological organic changes.

Therefore it is not necessary to hope that it was all gone. You need to understand the causes of impotence in men 40 years of age.

The psychological factor

If during the examination it became known that the weakening of potency was influenced by psychological problems, the patient is prescribed a course of psychotherapy and taking antidepressants. A conversation with an expert will help to understand the internal emotional status of men, deliver him from anxiety, will give the opportunity to get rid of a number of complexes.

Sometimes that is enough to remove the psychological tension that is blocking normal functioning of the reproductive system.

In severe cases the patient can be assigned to a surgical intervention, without which to get rid of the root causes of problems with impotence is not possible.

If the impotence was due to the pernicious influence of bad habits, excessive consumption of high-calorie foods or lack of physical activity, for the return of male power need to reconsider your lifestyle. For this you need to focus on healthy food with enough nutrients, exercise, give up alcohol and cigarettes.

The causes of reduced potency in men is very diverse. Notable among them are a few of the most common:

the decrease in potency causes

  • The decrease of testosterone hormone mostly occurs after forty years, but also found in men of younger age. Normal amounts this hormone is responsible for proper functioning of the reproductive system of men and regulates the potency.
  • Congestive phenomena in the pelvis, often caused by sedentary lifestyle and bad habits. Poor blood flow reduces natural erection, and, consequently, degrades the quality of sexual life men.
  • Urogenital infections cause inflammation of the male reproductive system and increase the chances of weakness in bed. Chronic disease is often asymptomatic, so people may not even be aware of the true reasons for the deterioration of potency.
  • Stress directly affects the ability of sexually active men. This factor is a common reason that causes of psychological impotence, but if that's the only problem to deal with it will simply.

Potency in men after age 40 can be reduced in the following physiological reasons:

  • Comorbidities. Stands out with a huge list of diseases that can indirectly affect men's health. These include diabetic neuropathia, endocrine disorders, pathology of the cardiovascular system.
  • Low level of the male hormone. It is noted that men after 40 years decreases the production of testosterone, which affects the quality of erections and male potency.
  • Wrong way of life. Smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, sedentary work – all these factors negatively affect the quality of life in General, and in particular lead to the fact that men in 40 years are diagnosed erectile dysfunction.
  • Medications. Every drug has side effects. There are medications that long-term use adversely affect the health, potency and erection quality.
  • Regularity of sexual activity. In rare sexual life, can reduce potency. Here it is possible to say that the body "just turns off the functions you don't use often".

Speaking about the regularity of sexual activity, it is worth to mention about the reverse side of the coin. Excessive activity is also not very good. If the guy gets a lot of sex, change partners, over time it will have problems in the sexual sphere.

Sometimes a man's strength increatos reduce inflammatory diseases of male genital organs, such as prostatitis, urethritis, vesiculitis, orchitis, orchiepididymitis, and others.

Treatment of impotence

Decreased libido, sluggish interest in sex and opposite sex, premature ejaculation or weak, unstable erection also belong to this sexual disorder. Therefore, the loss or weakening of potency, it is possible to say if the following violations: lack of erection or flaccidity, premature ejaculation.

In some cases, eliminate sexual impotence in men is not easy, especially in the case of its organic origin. Causes of impotence in men 40 years of psychogenic origin are eliminated easier. To regain the erection, a complex approach is needed:

a healthy lifestyle after 40

  • The normal mode of the day. You should try to follow this daily routine, it was time to sleep well, exercise, relax.
  • A healthy balanced diet. The food should be nutritious, containing protein, vitamins, minerals, meat, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts.
  • The establishment of sexual relations. It is important to overcome the fear of failing to meet women because of premature ejaculation and to establish the psychology of the partner understanding, discarding shyness.
  • Psycho - and sex therapy. If impotence of psychogenic origin independently resolve does not work, the therapy, the sexologist will help to get rid of the trouble. In the role of a therapist can easily make a lovely woman.
  • The rejection of bad habits. To quit Smoking and take alcohol is good for health in General, sexual including.

Honey and other products of bees are recognized as powerful tools that increase the potency not only in national but also in traditional medicine. Honey with nuts, honey with ginger, honey with crushed pumpkin seeds – these are just a few recipes that are beneficial to male potency.

Propolis contains a large amount of useful minerals and has antimicrobial and tonic effect. Medicine from propolis, mixed with 70% alcohol or vodka in the ratio 1:4, which insisted during the week in a dark place, take 30-40 drops, 30 minutes before a meal.

Treatment continued for 2 weeks. Treatment and prevention of honey bee products are great methods of struggle with a weakened potency.

Decoctions of nettle improve metabolism, stimulate the function of the urinary system and improves potency. Prepare a decoction simple: 100 grams of nettle herb pour 300 ml boiling water and insist. The tool recommended to take three times a day before meals.

Ginseng root is the best stimulant potency. Preparation of drugs: 0,5 tbsp crushed root mixed with 2 tbsp of honey. Make the mixture should be up to 4 times a day 1 teaspoon To enhance potency, you can take the pharmacy alcohol tincture of ginseng in accordance with the instructions for use.

Tea with thyme is a very healthy drink for many diseases. It is believed that regular use of tea, the potency of men after 40 can be improved. Prepare drink: 1 tbsp of black tea, 3 florets of thyme pour boiling water to taste, add honey or mint and infuse for 5-7 minutes.

St. John's wort will help with the recovery of potency adult men. For this, 10g of dry grass pour a glass of water, heated to boiling, and then leave in a water bath for 15 min. Ready broth filter and drink 30 minutes before eating a quarter Cup.

At the pharmacy you can buy drugs on natural or synthetic basis, which increase the potency, provide longer lasting erections. Almost all of them are contraindicated in severe in the work of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, problems with the retina, expressed manifestations of hypotension and or hypertension.

There are simple methods to improve the potency without medication – gymnastics, massage and proper nutrition, herbal medicines.

Exercises to improve potency

To maintain good potency it is necessary several times a day for 10-15 seconds to keep the muscle tension of the anus, then relax them, do 10-12 approaches that break in half a minute. This simple exercise can be done anywhere, it's barely noticeable to others.

A few simple exercises for good potency:

exercises for potency
  1. Squats. Feet spread slightly wider than shoulder width toes out, strongly stretch the gluteal muscles. Slowly sit down, heels off the floor not to tear, at the bottom point to stay, count to three, take the starting position and do 20 repetitions. Commit time at the bottom should be gradually increased to bring up to 15 seconds to enhance the effect, you can move up and down with minimum amplitude.
  2. The pelvic rotation. To make circular movements by a basin with a maximum amplitude of 40 times in each direction. Exercise normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic organs, strengthens the muscles of the back.
  3. Tilts. Stop to put a little wider than shoulders, to make inclinations forward, trying to reach floor, knees do not bend. Do 3-4 sets of 20 reps, and gradually increase their number to 50.
  4. Attacks. Take a dumbbell with a minimum weight of 3 kg, to lower hands along a trunk. To make a step forward, trying to touch the floor with his knee on the back legs. To do 12 reps.
  5. Quick pelvic movements. It is necessary to remove absolutely all the clothes, feet put on width apart, bend slightly at the knees. Quickly move the pelvis forward-backward maximum amplitude, while the breath should be deep, exhale slow. One approach is seven spiritusque, you need to do 6 repetitions with a thirty second break.

Food to enhance potency

At the first sign of deterioration in potency it is necessary to revise the diet and nutrition, to abandon fried, fatty and other junk food. Many products contain the necessary minerals and vitamins to increase sexual desire and potency.

To preserve a good potency will help the simple rules of prevention, to begin to fully give up Smoking and alcohol, reduce the consumption of strong tea and coffee.

How long to keep a stronger potency:

  • maintaining a healthy diet, less junk food will be the diet, the better the blood move through the vessels;
  • regular exercise – you don't have to train to exhaustion, it's enough to do for 15 minutes every morning to male potency a long time remained within the normal range;
  • to sleep, spend every day in the fresh air at least 30-40 minutes;
  • learn to relax – prolonged stress, overwork has a negative impact on erectile function;
  • to have sex at least twice a week, Masturbation physiologically replace a full sexual intercourse, but does not improve mental state, which is very important for men;
  • to get rid of excess weight;
  • to control blood pressure, cholesterol.

As already mentioned, the reason for poor erection can be both pathology and physical changes in the body and psychological problem. Often after 40 a man starts to feel more for their sexual function. This fear leads to a deterioration in potency.

Sometimes the patient should not take medication. Effective solution is to radically change the way of life, namely:

increased potency
  • To start exercise. Moreover there is a special training for enhancing sexual potential;
  • Need to give up fast food and eat more vegetables and fruits. To eliminate fatty foods, to cook more meals for a couple, through stewing or boiling;
  • To chill out without phones and other gadgets. Dedicate one day a week for himself and his family (wife);
  • More is in the fresh air, and if the work is "sedentary", then you need every 30-40 minutes to do a light workout.

Do not neglect these recommendations, as many men who have taken into account the advice of the physician was able to eliminate health problems without medication.

Also without drug treatments include abstinence from sexual intercourse for a while. It is proved that when a man every day trying to improve sex life and you still experience a misfire – this adversely affects the psychology of the stronger sex. Sometimes it is necessary to refrain from the vicinity for 2-3 days.