After the initiation of aching testicles: causes and solutions

Men very rarely complain about their problems, and this also applies to their health. Very often health is characterized by a condition of the sex glands and testicles. Sometimes after the initiation of aching testicles due to high sensitivity. In this case it is not necessary to sound the alarm. But if such discomfort is manifested painful and constantly, you must consult a doctor.

feature erection

Feature erection

Sexual arousal of the stronger sex depends on the interaction of several systems. Initially, the irritation of the nerve centers in the brain. This influence is formed by the release of testosterone in the bloodstream. Further, under the action of the male hormone called gradual vasodilation. At this point, increasing the volume of blood. The fluid exerts on the walls of the sphincter of the sexual vein. Then filled with cavernous body, the density increases and muscles of the penis are stretched. All the described process is called erection.

In the case of normal sexual intercourse erection always ends in ejaculation. In this case, the output part of the seminal fluid in the testes. After this process, the blood moves away from the cavernous bodies in a short time, and then ends the excitement.

In the case of irregular contact in the testicles accumulates a considerable number of sperm. Then they start the pressure on the zone pair on, so the man feels discomfort.

In his youth, such trouble is eliminated independently. The body vincit excitement with wet dreams (spontaneous output of seminal fluid at night). With the normalization of sexual life the problem disappears. But sometimes the self-cleaning does not occur, thereby causing many negative symptoms.

Such malaise can also occur in the adult patient, when there is no sexual release. The partner receives the initiation, and partner does not bring the contact to sexual intimacy. In this case the influx of blood in the cavernous calf continues, and after the failure of the liquid very slowly leaves a cavity of the penis. Due to the impact of blood is bursting the cavernous cavities. Therefore, after excitation aching testicles, as on this background there is increased movement in the seed of the excretory ducts of the sperm.

All these signs are removed easily without the involvement of specialists. Pain disappear after a few hours after excreted the seminal fluid from the channels. In adolescence, the problems disappear after the emergence of stable sex. But still, if very sore testicles after excitation, then it can be pathological changes. In such case you need to seek help from a doctor.


Discomfort after excitation can occur due to long abstinence or overstimulation. However, there are a number of other factors that require attention. Many men wonder why after the initiation of aching testicles, the main reasons are:

causes of pain in testicles
  • trauma to the testicles or the scrotum;
  • torsion of the testicle;
  • epidermic;
  • orchitis;
  • varicocele;
  • hernia;
  • neoplasms of the reproductive system.

Even men need to pay attention to their underwear. It is not advised to choose a model, versatum the skin. Dangerous options from synthetics. Still need to try to avoid tight jeans and trousers, and houses to choose loose clothing.


Men often ask the question, why after the initiation of balls hurt and groin. As already known, the reasons can be many.

Very often at the time of physical activity or usual awkward movements in the area of the scrotum have a shot. This action causes local hemorrhage. Pain man sometimes even losing consciousness, so in this case you want to go to the doctor. If the injury is slight, the tissues they recover. When, after the strike was violations and the young man did not seek medical help, it could have a detrimental effect on his sex life.

Torsion of the testicle

Seed excretory channels pass through the egg, and as it moves freely from side to side, sometimes twisting, causing often zaselyalsya nerve endings. The presence of this disease is another answer to the question, why do guys testicles ache after arousal. If this happens, the man feels a sharp and unbearable pain in the right or left testicle. This can form the withering away of part of the testicle and blood vessels. Without timely surgical implementation for 6 hours on entirely lose their reproductive function. The reasons for this phenomenon are not fully understood, but presumably can affect vasoconstriction, hypothermia, and muscle contraction.


Another name of this disease is the inflammation of the appendages, which may be the reason that after the initiation of aching testicles. The appendage is located on the rear wall in the lower third. Apparently at the moment of inflammation of the scrotum is not changed, but the problem begins to give ache. We must note that in the case of the epidermis a man would bother only one testicle.

When the disease is not treated, the inflammation will ensue, will form the swelling and pain will not be sharp, and constant, it is possible the presence of heat.


Quite often, such disease is a complication of infectious diseases – rubella, mumps. Men, it may give a loss of fertility. With the disease of inflamed testicle is red and swollen, resulting in disturbed development and excretion of sperm that further threatens infertility. The most common affected only the right or left testicle. After the initiation of the pain is very strong, as the sperm is not formed properly and it is not in the release.

The disease is characterized by a gradually increasing, dull pain and swelling of one of the testicles. Possible discomfort in the perineum, lower back, lower abdomen, and headaches. Often the patient fever and tormented by chills.



This disease occurs due to chronic varicose veins in the ovaries. Among the factors occurrence can excessive exercise and poor circulation.

If after the initiation of aching testicles, they acquire a dark color and swell, it is possible to speak about presence of the disease.


Inguinal hernia is formed in the abdomen and when the loop becomes large, the intestine may descend into the scrotum. Sometimes suffer from this both right and left testicle. The problem is formed due to the compression of such hernia and spermatic ducts. To remedy the situation will help only surgical intervention.


If after a long arousal aching testicles and increase in volume, it says not only that men epidermis or orchitis. All these features are also present in cancers. In the case of the presence of a lesion is also observed constant discomfort in the testicle, formed seals, nodules, swelling of the scrotum and increased local body temperature.

Often men do not pay attention to it and are fully confident in their health. But the sooner the patient will listen to the symptoms your body, the more likely to ensure a successful recovery.

When you need to get to the doctor

The first questions that you can ask men specialist are as follows. If after the initiation of aching testicles, what to do? Is it possible, generally, to refuse medical care? Sometimes, it is possible, but only if symptoms are rare, and are themselves quite quickly. When there is one of the following symptoms, then self-treatment need to give up entirely:

  • body has changed shape or size;
  • a slight touch to the testicles causing unbearable pain;
  • there is an acute pain;
  • the organ has a strange roughness that was not there before;
  • is not strong, but constant pain in the scrotum, but over time it becomes stronger;
  • after the injury the pain in the ovary has not passed after a few hours.


diagnosis testicles in men

To understand why, after excitation aching testicles, is required to pass a rigorous medical examination. Diagnosis includes several methods. The first is palpation, in which a technician carefully examines the testicles and scrotum. Palpation helps to identify the texture of egg and the presence of undesirable growths.

The next step is ultrasonography. With modern devices we can measure the sizes of paired glands and their quality characteristics. If examination of the scrotum showed no changes, the diagnosis is exposed to the prostate gland. In the case of suspected cancerous tumors, can optionally assign a computer or magnetic resonance imaging, and transillumination, and biopsy. Sometimes prescribed semen analysis and a blood test.

Only after the diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe some medicines.

Whom to contact?

When, after actuation balls are aching to do what every man must know. This is the first sign of the treatment to the doctor. Most often the patient is sent to the urologist. In the first session, the doctor will specify the duration of anxiety symptoms and which signs of illness are present. If the problem is serious, the patient can send to the hospital for therapy. Often to stabilize health requires few days. Modern drugs and methods effective enough as injuries and other diseases.

Medical how to fix the problem

If after the initiation of a sore right testicle and the left as a result of long abstinence or over-stimulating, such pathology is solved quickly since the normalization of sexual life. For this you need to finish your sexual intercourse ejaculation. If for medical reasons a man ought to abstain from sex, you can resort to Masturbation. Pain after prolonged abstinence will disappear after 4-6 hours. If there is pathology, the problem can only be restored using medical care.

After the injury requires a thorough inspection. Doctor prescribed cold compresses and bed rest. Often made injections of anesthetic drugs. In the case of serious injuries and unbearable pain require hospital treatment, as such trauma can lead to the accumulation of blood in the scrotum. In this case, the problem requires immediate surgical implementation.

When there is torsion of the testes without surgery can not do, and in the shortest possible time, as otherwise, keep the organ will be problematic.

When there is epidermis, you need timely and adequate therapy with antibiotics, because the infection can get and other organs. Still need and immunotherapy, physiotherapy, and analgesia on demand.


The orchitis treatment to be performed quickly, as possible complications, which manifest as atrophy of the sex glands and inflammation of the appendages. Therapy consists in the use of antibiotics, wearing well constricting linen, compliance with bed rest and analgesia on demand.

As with other diseases, a varicocele must be treated very quickly with the use of surgical techniques, involving ligation and removal of the affected veins. With proper therapy, organ function is completely restored.

After any treatment the patient requires continuous therapeutic control. This is done to prevent possible complications. If the symptoms become more pronounced, you should definitely contact a doctor. Only appropriate and timely therapy can ensure the prevention of complications.


In order to maintain your health you need to know simple tips.

  1. To carry out self-examination at least once a week.
  2. In the event of a prolonged increase in pain after the injury is necessary to see a doctor.
  3. Finish any initiation of intercourse with ejaculation or try to not come over-stimulation.
  4. Regularly to have sex and try to avoid long-term abstinence.
  5. To prevent stagnation of urine and do not SuperCool.
  6. Wear comfortable underwear made of natural fabrics and constantly change it.
  7. To protect from injury the testicles especially sharp objects.