What should be the separation of men when excited?

Selection for men when excited are normal physiological phenomenon. To determine that in a particular case they are harmless and was formed solely because of strong excitation of men, very easily. They will have certain characteristics that relate to odor and texture. The liquid should be colorless, does not have a pronounced unpleasant smells, and also differ in a sufficient thickness and tackiness.

The amount of discharge may be different. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the human body. Some men can stand quite a lot of mucus, but others do not notice this phenomenon.

arousal in men

The question of normality manifestations

For the strong half of mankind's output of fluid from the penis is considered to be not as common as in women. However, in the period of strong excitation, this happens, and sometimes quite noticeable amount. Some men have noted the allocation of up to 5 G. This is in any case can not be considered a pathology, but only in the situation where the liquid is colourless and odourless.

The allocation of a transparent liquid can be observed only at high excitation. Can contribute to thoughts of sexual intercourse, Masturbation or touching women. In General, the phenomenon of clear discharge from the penis, a man may observe during an erection.

Some men predomina liquid enters each institution, while others note similar only in rare cases. Fear of discharge not necessary unless they contain admixtures of pus or blood. Actually this mucus is very important for the implementation of certain processes in a man's life.

The importance for the conception process

Experts note that the lack of predomina fluids during erections is a bad indicator if a couple is going to procreate. The thing is that it performs a supporting role when the sperm need to get to the egg.

After the male semen enters the vagina, it encounters a lot of obstacles. They are primarily associated with the acidic environment. The majority of sperm die immediately, as it does not tolerate high acidity. Predomina liquid that is produced in men during strong excitation that can reduce the acid level. In a more balanced vaginal environment for sperm more likely to achieve its main goal, namely the female egg.

Thus, it is safe to say that the allocation during erection are an important mechanism of the male reproductive system. However, men need to carefully monitor the liquid. If it was yellow, green or there is impurities in the blood, it indicates a serious problem and urgent need to go to the doctor.

cause for concern

Cause for concern

Not always men in the company of strong excitation pay attention to, which is the fluid secreted from the genital organs. But in some cases it will be very useful. This is especially true of those who periodically feel discomfort in region of sex organs and feels pain during urination.

Threat is a sign of any discharge, which are opaque and overly thick consistency. The liquid may be grey, greenish, yellow or become just like cheese. It will be just one of the unpleasant symptoms, as in addition definitely will discomfort during sexual intercourse and pain when emptying the bladder. All of this points to pathological changes in the pelvic area.

The reasons that can result in a suspicious discharge, can be a lot. This should include and infectious diseases, and fungal infections, and even poor diet. The greatest danger are: chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, candidiasis, and mycoplasmosis. They can cause unusual discharge from male genital organs, which will increase during the excitation.

Uncharacteristic to norms of allocations can cause injuries that have household or sexual reasons. This result leads poor hygiene. A man should remember that improper care of the sexual organs can lead to serious pathologies.

The causes of specific discharge from the penis can be life-threatening (for example, malignant tumors) and poor diet. Spicy and pickled food can lead to the fact that the man appears suspicious of the selection. If this was observed, it is necessary to abandon the use of mustard, vinegar, sauerkraut, drinks with dyes and preservatives.

If a man, he began noticing suspicious symptoms such as pain and discomfort in the penis, which is accompanied by unusual discharge, you should consult a doctor. After all required diagnostic procedures, the specialist will prescribe the right treatment, which should lead to normal health men. You have to remember that all the time, during which the penis will not leave the normal transparent liquid, about the conception of a child can be forgotten.

To avoid similar troubles and don't waste time on long and not the most pleasant treatment, you need to reconsider the way of life and remove from it all that can have a negative impact on health.

Useful tips

Representatives of the stronger sex need to monitor the status of their genitals is not less than women. If you see any suspicious symptoms should immediately seek medical attention. This will allow you to quickly cure the pathology, if any, will be identified, and without complications.

constrasty shower

To trips to the doctor are rare, you need to refrain from casual sexual encounters. If this happens, you have to use barrier contraception products. Do not forget about personal hygiene and proper nutrition. Specialists recommend those couples who are preparing to conceive, to take time off from spicy and pickled food, food with preservatives and dyes, and carbonated beverages. This will allow you to maintain your reproductive system in good condition, and men, thus, increase the number of useful for the conception of the fluid.

Representatives of the stronger sex need to avoid hypothermia. You also need to take care of the immune system, strengthen it with vitamin complexes and proper nutrition. If the protective functions of the organism are normal, it will not allow the pathologies to evolve and has already begun will be faster.

If a man wants to be healthy, then he needs to pay attention to exercise. But they must be reasonable and best if playing sports will be held outdoors. We should not forget about the necessity of proper nutrition. For the male reproductive system is important, especially zinc and selenium. The first can be found in seafood, duck and Turcia, chicken eggs, Brazil nuts, and grains.

With regard to replenishment of selenium, it is possible to do by eating liver, beans and nuts. In addition, the representatives of the stronger sex pay attention to products with a high content of vitamins A and C. All this will help to improve the reproductive system and will contribute to the conception of new life.