Stimulants potency — which is better to use

Male potency is a complex of various processes and mechanisms. Keeping it in normal is one of the most important tasks that confronts a man at any age.

After all, erectile dysfunction impact not only on the physical and psychological status of men, but in all other spheres: the family, work, sports, desires and achievements, relations with relatives and outsiders.

In some cases, to restore men's health used various stimulants male potency. Let's see, when they are needed and what are its composition, the application features and action.

male potency

When necessary, the stimulant potency

There are many factors that adversely affect male potency. Some of them provide temporary harm, and some lead to irreversible changes in tissues. Experts note that the most common causes of erectile dysfunction are:

  • chronic and acute diseases, among which in the first place among the causes of impotence are cardiovascular diseases, prostatitis, diabetes, hypertension, hormonal disorders;
  • taking certain medicines, including antidepressants, hormones;
  • stress, depression, reduced vitality;
  • bad habits;
  • the nutritional deficiencies caused by an unbalanced diet;
  • irregular sexual life and unattractiveness of the partner;
  • weight.

Even the most powerful stimulator of male potency will have the desired effect if you continue to lead a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle, do not conduct a thorough survey and identify the cause (or set of factors) that caused erectile dysfunction and other disorders.

Ways to increase potency

Ranking of stimulants of potency, which are the most effective and fast-acting, contains a variety of types of restore or temporarily boost erection.

Experts identify several groups of such stimulants, each of which has its own characteristics:

ways to increase potency
  • synthetic drugs;
  • homeopathy and dietary supplements;
  • traditional recipes and products-aphrodisiacs;
  • special devices designed to increase blood flow to the penis;
  • exercise and different tempering procedures.

If you notice any signs of erectile dysfunction, and serious symptoms are observed, for example, no problems with urination and ejaculation, no blood and pus in the urine and ejaculate, no pain, do not rush.

Perhaps the normalization of lifestyle, change of environment, elimination of stress and anxiety, improve nutrition and increase amount of sleep in a week will restore your health. Otherwise, you need to consult a doctor, pass a designated examination and tests.

Synthetic stimulants potency

The best stimulants of potency men for their numerous reviews and experts are synthetic drugs that you can buy at the pharmacy. These tools are powerful and fast action, coming after only 15-30 minutes after ingestion and lasting from 4-5 hours to 1.5 days.

Their main purpose is to increase blood flow to the penis and promote its complete filling during erection. To take such drugs is recommended only in the presence of disturbances of potency and prescription. As prophylaxis, these drugs are not suitable.

Also on the modern pharmaceutical market there are a lot of drugs-stimulants, non-generics the medications listed above. All of these tools have several significant shortcomings:

  • cannot be combined with alcohol;
  • they have a lot of possible side effects, among which are life threatening, for example heart attack and stroke;
  • these drugs have many contraindications;
  • you need to pick exactly the dosage and dosage regimen to get the desired effect and do not harm health.

Such stimulants male potency quick actions only under condition of presence of natural stimulation. They can drink once, and then to please yourself and your partner high-quality sex and strong erection throughout the night and even more.

But it should be remembered that an overly active sex life can lead to nervous exhaustion and other problems.

folk remedies

Dietary supplements, homeopathy, and traditional recipes

Stimulants of potency without the side effects can be attributed to three groups of funds:

  1. Dietary supplements for potency. This means that are composed of mainly components of plant and animal origin. So, the main active ingredients of these drugs is the extract radiograms pink, ginseng, calamus, the fungus Cordyceps, deer antlers, and other biologically active components that increase overall body tone and has a positive influence on potency. Although the effectiveness of these drugs is often clinically proven that men respond positively about them. These tools are very soft and have little to no possible side effects, and the result is visible already after one week of regular use.
  2. Homeopathic animal and plant stimulants potency. They, like dietary Supplements, have natural ingredients, are soft, but mainly on the genitourinary system men. They also have a minimum of contraindications and possible side effects, and the effect is different. Someone says that the results become visible already after the first reception, someone helped only after a year of use, and some did not notice a positive effect.
  3. Natural stimulant potency. Folk healers recommend to increase your libido and increase potency to eliminate from the diet of harmful foods such as fast food, a lot of sweets and muffins, and add products-aphrodisiacs. To food, contributing to persistent erection, include seafood, lean meat, eggs, nuts and dried fruits, onion and garlic, spices, honey and propolis, fresh greens, vegetables and fruits. Help restore men's health various tinctures and decoctions of herbs, including St. John's wort, mint, and Melissa, Ivan-tea, thyme.

For increasing sexual desire sometimes requires the use of not only stimulants for male potency, a list of which is extensive, but the use of drugs that indirectly affect the erection.

For example, if decline in men's health caused by prostatitis, the doctor will take measures to remove inflammation and spasms will require antispasmodics. In some cases, taking painkillers, sedatives, vitamins, minerals, hormonal and antihypertensive funds.

Other ways of natural stimulation of potency

But not always only pills, drops, application of ointments and gels, the injection that contribute to the normalization of erection and libido, brings the desired effect. Sometimes just using other means:

  1. Exercise. Any physical activity that increases the blood flow to the penis, such as squats, plank and other types of training, helps to increase the potency. But it should be remembered that this method has no contraindications, and if improperly performed can lead to fatigue and opposite effect. Special attention should be paid to the kegels that with regular use, give great results and have virtually no contraindications. If possible, do yoga.
  2. Tempering procedure. Sun and air baths, douches, and sponging with cool water, the sauna and bathhouse, taking baths with baking soda or herbal decoctions when done correctly, will eliminate fatigue and the effects of stress, will return cheerfulness and wellbeing that will positively affect potency.
  3. The use of different devices. Electro stimulators potency in men, vacuum equipment and other devices is now also very popular, although not always give the desired effect. Before applying carefully read the instructions.



The use of any method to increase potency in men requires caution. Sometimes self-treatment may cause deterioration of the human condition, the occurrence of complications and irreversible changes in tissues that leads to impotence. Some ways can be a good prevention of violations, or is a part of complex treatment, for example, use of certain popular recipes.

If you think about the question, what better stimulant potency will fit in your case, first of all, look for the causes of disturbances in health. This can be done only by means of a review of their lifestyle and consultation with your doctor.

Sometimes you may have to visit several specialists, like a cardiologist, immunologist, endocrinologist, andrologist, sexologist, psychologist and others. But in any case it is better to entrust the elimination of health problems to the doctor than to solve it yourself.