Increased potency in men after 60

The changes that occur in men because of the age affects all the internal organs and their systems, including sexual and reproductive. However, men who lead an active and healthy lifestyle and feeling much younger than his passport data, do not want to put up with similar circumstances.

Potency in men 60 and its increase depend on overall health, it is possible to improve different techniques and ways.

potency after 60

Potency after 60 years – what is it?

Potency in men and 20 and 60 years depending on the level of the sexual androgen testosterone. He is responsible for the quality of sex life:

  • the power of sexual attraction to women;
  • the strength of an erection;
  • the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • the basic parameters of seminal fluid.

With age, reproductive function is fading and the production of testosterone decreases is a natural physiological process. To recover his former balance, it is necessary to increase its future production.

Often reasons for the decline in standards of sex hormones are:

  • chronic diseases of any internal organs;
  • addiction to bad habits;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • taking certain medicines.

By eliminating these factors, or adjust them, you can greatly increase the production of androgen sex and sex after 60 years again it will be like in his youth.

Why wait 60 years and more?

According to statistics, only half of men older than sixty years are satisfied with their sex life. However, there is an interesting fact – the person is physically healthy, but erectile dysfunction manifests itself stronger and stronger. The reason that the potency depends on the operation of the systems of the body, and emotional state.

Only by achieving harmony between the physical and mental health can talk about a full sexual life. However, it should be borne in mind that, although sex will be fulfilling, intimate relationships themselves will become more calm and restrained. So, you should be ready to such condition:

  • earlier fatigue after sex and longer recovery periods;
  • will increase the period needed for sexual arousal and the appearance of an erection;
  • emotions and feelings from sexual intimacy will become less bright;
  • to decrease the size of the penis and scrotum.

Is a physiological and irreversible changes, but they should not erase the joy and satisfaction of sex with the woman. They can be corrected if you take some medications to improve potency. Decrease sexual power does not affect male fertility – sperm continue to Mature and 65 and 70 and 75 years, which means that the man can conceive a child and become a father.

how to maintain virility

How to keep a man's strength?

To potency after 60 was higher, and sought the one that was present in youth, requires one to carefully and thoughtfully apply to their health. And the first thing to do is to eliminate factors that destroy overall and sexual health of older men.

Negatively influencing factors

Restore male potency after 60 years would require the exclusion or correction of factors:

  • Smoking;
  • the use of alcohol, even in small doses;
  • nervous tension, stress;
  • endocrinological disease;
  • pathologies of the genitourinary system (prostatitis, prostate adenoma, cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis);
  • diseases of the heart and circulatory system (high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, varicose veins);
  • sleep disorders;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • excess body weight;
  • irregular sexual life.

Such reasons lead to excess weight, and this is the main reason for the deterioration of sexual power. Adipose tissue acts as a "storage" hormones, and more than her, the less steroid is mainly the blood stream. One more thing – full man (in his opinion) becomes unattractive in the eyes of women, and it also leads to the development of psychological complexes and subsequent reduction in potency.

Eat right

Proper nutrition does not mean a strict diet and hard giving up favorite dishes – this is only required if there is fat mass. If the weight is normal, it is enough to observe the following principles:

  • eat frequently, 5-6 times a day and in small portions;
  • all the harmful foods and products to use in the morning;
  • to cook steamed in the oven or a slow cooker;
  • drink at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water a day.

If you want to reduce the mass of the body, will have to give up fatty, sweet and fried foods, soda, fast food and convenience foods.

Can Not
  • greens;
  • nuts;
  • seafood;
  • grains and cereals;
  • black chocolate;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • white meat.
  • smoked, pickled, spicy foods;
  • any fatty meat;
  • carbohydrates (pastries, pasta, white bread);
  • strong tea, coffee;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • alcohol.

Proper nutrition it is better to practice at a young age, but seventy is not a reason to abandon healthy foods and dishes.



Between the increased potency and physical activity there is a direct pattern: sport is a good stimulator of production of any hormones. If a man was active throughout his life, he is active sports, if not — you can start with the usual morning exercise, walking long distances, climbing stairs.

Recommended such loads:

  • yoga;
  • swimming;
  • Cycling.

Consult your doctor for contraindications and the correct methods of training. The specialist may recommend physical therapy or do exercises to improve blood supply of the pelvis and prevention of genitourinary disorders.

Nordic walking

Very fashionable and useful sport — Nordic walking. Yoga or swimming can be difficult, and walking sticks to turn into fun.

If deterioration is already

To stimulate the production of sex hormones only a healthy lifestyle does not always work, especially if you have a chronic illness. It will require the help of doctors – they prescribe medication, rules which have to be strictly adhered to. In the course of treatment will be included and means that increase potency.


What are they – enhance sex after 60 for men drugs? This dietary Supplements, vitamin complexes and drugs.

This drug, which are based on the principle of strengthening the blood flow to the pelvic organs. Pill taken by for 20-40 minutes before intimacy, is capable of:

  • to enhance sexual drive;
  • to strengthen your erection and keep it for a long time;
  • to increase the size of penis;
  • to slow down ejaculation;
  • to improve the sensation of sex.

It is a synthetic medication with contraindications and side effects. Be careful if you have high blood pressure and you're drinking drugs that reduce blood pressure. When taking products containing sildenafil., pressure can fall sharply.

Equally effective and medicine from the beginning of impotence based on natural animal and plant extracts. It can be the same medications or biologically active additives on the basis of ancient recipes. They contain vitamins, micro and macronutrients, taken the courses and have a good effect.


Warnings and contraindications for receiving funds

Any pharmacological products, including natural dietary Supplements have limitations to the reception, and to the process of increasing potency is not turned into the health effects, they should appoint a doctor. Do not start treatment, relying on advertising or the advice of friends, colleagues on the forums on the Internet – a drug that helped one patient may harm another.

Many of them are contraindicated in:

  • tendency to bleeding;
  • coxit, kidney or heart failure;
  • ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the dysfunction of the structure of the genital organs;
  • high or low blood pressure;
  • cardiac arrhythmias.

All supplements and natural medicines can cause severe allergic reactions if the patient suffers from intolerance or an exotic component of the extract. Therefore, a necessary condition of therapy is to carefully study the attached notes and listen to the reactions of his body.

The appearance of any adverse reactions should be a cause for drug withdrawal and prompt treatment to the doctor.

The use of folk remedies

Very well restore the potency of popular, time-tested products. Most of the components can be obtained almost for free, if you collect the gifts of nature in the garden or in the forest, buy seasonal fruits, vegetables. Homemade recipes are easy, and benefit from them is not less than the drugs with the highest price.

Confidence men hundreds of years ago have won:

  • decoctions of medicinal herbs and plants (chamomile, oak bark, yarrow, thyme, pine cones, etc.);
  • tea with ginger root and honey;
  • crushed pumpkin seeds with honey;
  • infusion and alcohol tincture of ginseng root.

Popular recipes for potency, there are thousands.

gymnastics for men


Sport is the key to any health, including sexual. To enhance the potency do not have to leave the house, you can do a set of exercises recommended at any age.

It includes:

  • warm up – rotation of the head, shoulders, hands, hips, knees and feet;
  • basic exercises – tilts to the side and forward, Bicycle, scissors, walking, and Jogging in place;
  • hitch – easy stretch for all members of the body.

Very well if man will learn Kegel exercises — learn to train the muscles of the perineum. These classes will replace lost sexual ability to save many urological diseases.

Recommended outdoor activities, yoga, extendens, Cycling, skiing.

Is it possible to restore your potency?

To improve the functioning of the reproductive system at any age, it requires two things:

  • the desire of the patient to lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • qualified medical assistance.

How leeches can help sex life

Is there sex after 60?

If the old man is full of vitality and energy, the joy of sex will not leave it until the end of days. Long sex marathons he most likely will not do, but regular sex is available. Moreover, andrologists are categorically forbidden to ignore or suppress their sexual needs. Regular sex is one of the main means against age-related impotence.

Attention! Rare sex or a long period of abstinence in the elderly reflects badly on men's health and can quickly lead to impotence. Therefore, sex life in her old age needs to be regular.


To 60 have a strong erection and a complete the potency, think about their sexual health from a young age or, in extreme cases, with the onset of the first alarm bells. How to strengthen male health and potency and prevent its decline? Preventive measures are simple:

  • to give up Smoking, abuse of alcohol, prescription substances;
  • to eat properly and adequately;
  • play sports or get a feasible physical activity;
  • conduct regular sexual life.

The recommendations of doctors to support men's health

Experts recommend:

  • to treat all emerging diseases, especially of the urogenital system;
  • not to self-medicate but to consult the doctors;
  • to avoid overcooling and overheating;
  • to undergo regular medical examinations to detect diseases in the early stages of their development.

These simple measures will save your health, youth and sexual activity.