What drugs can be used to increase potency in men?

Many men suffer erectile dysfunction, so you need to know what drugs to increase potency in men used. Problems often arise due to the busy lifestyle, constant stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, chronic diseases and So pills for male enhancement are highly popular, medicines not only help to normalize the erection — some are even capable to cure prostate disease.

means for potency

Means for potency

There are several types of drugs to increase potency, which differ in principle of operation and characteristics of:

  • phosphodiesterase inhibitors;
  • Activators of NO-synthase;
  • testosterone;
  • alpha-blockers;
  • analogues of prostaglandin E;
  • myotropic antispasmodics;
  • Dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies.

The active elements of phosphodiesterase inhibitors enhance the function of nitric oxide, which relaxes muscles of the penis. Consequently, the increasing blood flow, which allows to achieve an erection and for a long time to hold it. These funds cannot be taken by people with hypertension, because all the drugs in this group increase the pressure.

It must be borne in mind that other drugs for potency, containing the same active substance as the above listed drugs are generics. That is, the pharmaceutical company has acquired the developers the right to manufacture. Generics and original medicines have no global differences: the same dose, contraindications, adverse events, but their efficiency may be less and the price is correspondingly lower.

The activators of NO synthase, increase sexual desire and increase blood supply to the corpus cavernosum of the member by relaxing muscles of the penis. Provided persistent and prolonged erection. These drugs contribute to additional production of testosterone in the male body.

drugs for potency

Analogues of prostaglandin E is intended for topical application and used in the form of injections, intraurethral or intracavernous. One of the main representatives of this group is Alprostadil, relaxes the muscles of the corpora cavernosa, improving blood flow, enhancing and prolonging erection.

Alpha-blockers act directly on the receptors of the nervous system that are responsible for sexual attraction. Funds in this group normalizes erectile function if the inciting problem is psychogenic factor.

Testosterone can be prescribed by a doctor after the examination. Used the drug in pill and injection reduced levels of the hormone in the body. It is often problems with potency arise because of low blood concentration of testosterone, which affects the sexual activity of males.

myotropic antispasmodic dilates blood vessels, which occurs due to blood filling the cavernous bodies of the penis, this contributes to prolonged erection.

Dietary supplements and homeopathic medicines to improve potency are natural and therefore the safest. However, some of these funds may not be sufficiently effective, as their quality is confirmed by certificates only, not experimental research.

Each group of drugs for potency is its mechanism of action is, therefore, in order not to harm the health, it is recommended to contact your doctor, who will prescribe medication appropriate to the individual characteristics of the organism. Can be purchased as a domestic product and the imported counterpart.

Herbal preparations and dietary Supplements for potency

Drugs on herbal-based are more safe than synthetic, but there are contraindications, since the individual intolerance of some components, so the choice means better to consult a doctor.

Acquire dietary Supplements at the pharmacy or via the Internet. Before purchase it is recommended to consult a doctor to determine the causes of loss of erection.

increased potency

Chinese medicines for male potency

Effective Chinese drugs to increase potency are popular, as evidenced by the reviews. Any thematic forum will confirm that. These tools are supplements that contain botanicals: Rhodiola rosea, Ganoderma mushroom, Goji berry.

Chinese products are available in wide range and has different prices, but before you buy any tool, you need to check the quality certificates.

Other means for potency

To increase male potency, is still use sprays that are sprayed directly on the sexual organ.

Sex sprays have the following properties:

  • the increase in the penis;
  • increased potency;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • antibacterial and therapeutic effect.

Spray be useful to increase potency enough to spray it before sex, the action will begin after a few minutes.