Male potency is self-confidence

Considering the question, what is the potency, it is necessary to refer to a medical dictionary. In the medical sense of the word potency is the ability of an organism to sexual intercourse. Traditionally, the term is used in relation to the representatives of the stronger sex. In the broadest sense, the potency is the ability of boys to commit sexual acts. In the narrow sense of potency in men includes several interrelated characteristics:

male potency
  • the rate of appearance of erection;
  • the duration of intercourse;
  • the normal course of sex;
  • the tension of the penis.

All these factors together constitute the concept and features of potency in men. In medicine it is considered that the representative of the stronger sex remains strong throughout life. The reason for its disappearance in old age are shaken, poor nutrition and other negative factors.

When answering the question of what potency it should be noted that in the case of women this concept is hardly used and clearly marked, it has not. The symptoms of potency to define easily enough. These include, first and foremost, the excitation of the penis of the man and his ability to conduct intercourse.

Factors influencing male power

Male potency throughout life, as the whole male body in General, undergoes many trials. Her negative influence and can have unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, taken over the life of medicines or other chemical additives, factors of a physical nature.

A short list of what determines potency, can be expressed as follows:

  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • reception of anabolic steroids or drugs;
  • psychological state;
  • time of abstinence from sex;
  • the presence of excess weight.

One of the most serious factors reducing the ability to have sex, the adoption of steroid anabolics. In the initial stages of their admission, the potency of men is on the rise. However, as further the adoption of the substances it weakens and disappears altogether.

Also a significant impact on the possibility of committing sexual acts have a chronic illness. At the same time, they can either increase and decrease the level of this ability. In chronic mycoplasmosises the level of ability of the representative of the stronger sex to have sex is greatly reduced. On the contrary, increases it in chronic tuberculosis' and trichomoniasis. An effect similar to the effect of long-term administration of steroids is observed when chlamydia – first men's strength is on the rise. And then disappears altogether.

problems with potency

Review and correct potency

Quite often everything you need to know about male potency , it is not explained in schools or in special classes of sex education. For example, questions about how to test the potency you need for potency, are not covered at these sessions. Due to the insufficient explanation of the teenagers of these areas of biology at a Mature age adult, many questions arise.

Most often, experts suggest to check the ability to have sex to determine the presence or absence of nocturnal and morning erections. It is a simple method of putting a thin paper ring on the penis. If night and morning erections are present – the problem is not physiological in nature, and is in the plane of psychology.

The peak of sexual activity (if we are talking about a healthy adult representative of the stronger sex) is achieved under certain psychological conditions. To speak such optimal psychological conditions in two aspects:

  • complete psychological comfort;
  • strong emotional arousal.

In life this condition is most often achieved on holiday, when you change sexual partner, after winning a fight.

Impotence how to get rid of

Negatively on sexual activity can be affected by:

  • strong physical labor;
  • obsessed cases (the so-called "a syndrome of the businessman");
  • tactlessness partner;
  • sexual incompetence and coldness of the partner;
  • the lack of suitable proximity conditions.

May differently affect the ability of men to sexual intercourse period of abstinence from intimacy. So, contrary to popular belief, scientists found cases of problems with sexual power after a long abstinence from intimacy (e.g., servicemen).

increased potency

Young people are sexual excesses are not, as a rule, long and in a short time the ability to have sex returns. Older people (after 70 years) for abstinence of more than 3 months sexual activity may disappear completely. Continued failure to commit sex acts received the name of impotence.

Sexual power is quite strongly affected by the presence of excess weight. This is due to the fact. That in the presence of excess weight in the male body increases the level of female hormones and reduces the level of testosterone. To do the same. Physically produce active motion with enough excess weight difficult. To adjust the ability to have sex, men with excess weight it is recommended, first and foremost, to get rid of it.

In order to recover the signs of potency, it is necessary to consult a doctor and establish the root cause of this problem. The reasons for the impossibility of committing actions of a sexual nature can be very diverse – from physical to psychological pathology experienced microtrauma.

On the market there are a variety of drugs to increase male power. However, when considering the purchase of such funds should be aware that defectum providere root cause of the problem cannot lead to its solution, and untested drugs, in contrast, can aggravate the situation.

Overall, considering the notion of potency, it must be remembered that it is a pretty sensitive issue in psychological terms. Often men don't go to the doctor because I'm afraid to show this to my disabilities. This can exacerbate the problems and negative consequences.