What kind of nuts increase the potency - the list of the most useful men's health

Champions of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, fiber are nuts. This product helps to function of cardiovascular, nervous system, thyroid gland, and due to antioxidants and improves mood. In addition to an overall strengthening effect on the body, apply the nuts for potency: consider useful recipes that will help men stay on top.

nuts for potency

What is the potency

In the broad sense of sexual potency – the ability to engage in sexual activity. In the narrow sense of the concept determines the ability of men in the sexual sphere, it is characterized by the tension of the penis, speed of erection, duration of sexual intercourse. It is impossible to equate the potency to the presence of desire, frequency of acts, their rhythm is not relevant to the concept and very individual. To the female half of the term is not applied. Sexual health of men influenced by many factors:

  • lifestyle + bad habits (Smoking, alcohol);
  • proper nutrition;
  • the administration of steroid anabolics;
  • injuries (including psychological);
  • serious heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Oncology.

Which nuts are most beneficial for men

To maintain/improve the health of men recommended to use nuts for potency every day. Then the question arises: which of them are useful for men and if they have the same beneficial effect? All kinds and varieties of nuts is a great snack option, to nourish the body saturated and unsaturated fats, amino acids. Walnuts, cashews, pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts, Cola, and cedar varieties that you can eat everything. The composition of the species includes zinc, calcium, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, b vitamins, C, K, E.

What nuts are best for potency

Despite the undeniable benefits to all classes of the presented product, different species are different from each other impacts. Thus, the most useful nuts for men – walnut, nutmeg, peanuts, pine nuts, almonds. They are used in the prevention and control of normal potency. They can also be eaten raw, cocti, arida, there are also many delicious "shock" recipes.

walnut with honey

Walnut with honey

In the ranking, what nuts are good for men, the first place is the walnut variety. Simple fruit has long been used for the treatment and elimination of various male diseases. Honey with walnuts for men is the most popular means for potency. Naturally delicious mix thanks to the presence of protein, sulfur, arginine, vitamin A, PP, folic acid contributes to the normal production of sex hormones.

To prepare this mixture you need 3 cups cleaned chopped fruit, 1 Cup fresh floral honey, but can be any other. The ingredients are mixed, allow them to infuse. It is not recommended to use metal utensils, but a glass bowl is what you need. It is important to take 2 tablespoons morning and evening. Eat regularly, avoid alcohol to the nuts for potency resulted in the desired effect.

Peanuts with honey

Another excellent product against erectile dysfunction is peanuts. Eating these nuts, you can avoid problems with potency, infertility and prostate diseases. As a walnut for potency, peanuts are rich in vitamins, minerals, that regulate hormonal balance, improve testosterone production, improve sperm activity and sperm quality in General.

Use fresh product without the skin, which can cause allergies. In addition, to improve the effect add diet sweetness: honey and nuts for men have a good result. Here is one of the simplest yet most effective recipe to prepare "killer" mix:

  1. Take 100 grams of peanuts.
  2. Clean, chop.
  3. Add a big spoon of honey and mix well.
  4. Make the nuts for potency 1 teaspoonful before sleep for one month.

Pine nuts

Cleansing the blood of cholesterol, strengthening blood vessels, active blood, healing of the body, improving the immune system – all this affects the male reproductive system and is important for maintaining an erection. This useful and pine nuts. Eat raw not more than 50 grams per day (daily rate), and for the prevention of enough for 1 tablespoon per day (up to 10). Nut can be added to seafood, meat, salads, desserts. Tasty and healthy!



Studies show that only 30 grams of almonds a week and you will feel the results. Benefits of almonds for men? A large amount of arginine in the composition, which expands and relaxes the blood vessels, improves circulation, increases sperm production, promotes normal potency. It is a natural stimulant. Thus an important condition for a noticeable result is the use of nuts 20 minutes before a meal. In addition, almond is recommended as a sedative, which will improve sleep, soothe the nerves.


Reproductive system will tell you "thank you" after you add in the diet of nutmeg. The presence of pectin, starch, copper, magnesium, sulfur, iodine contribute to the improvement of potency, the cause of the deterioration of which are:

  • overexertion (physical/emotional), constant stress;
  • the fatigue and excitement;
  • mood swings.

Natural aphrodisiac added to jams, compotes, pastries. Can not do without him, and when cooking meat, fish, vegetable dishes (first, second). Rich, spicy-sweet fragrance excites and enhances sexual desire and vitamin mixture in the composition is beneficial to men's health, improving the potency, protecting them from serious diseases of the heart, veins, nervous system.