Erogenous zones in men – what is the point of excitation in men on the body

Erogenous zones for men is the area of the body and skin, which increase the excitement of men when you touch them. Often women think that men have only one erogenous zone – the area of the groin and penis. However, it turns out that men have quite a lot of erogenous zones throughout the body. The representatives of the strong half not hurry to reveal all your secrets and weaknesses.

arousal men

Any woman want to be perfect lover for my man. It is necessary to give a man what he wants and act on his erogenous zones properly. Because there are few men who can directly talk about their erogenous zones, you will have to learn about them empirically, that is, to observe the reaction of men to the affection and touch.

Where men have erogenous zones?

Tongue and lips

The lips and tongue – one of the most sensitive places in the human body. Here is a very large number of sensitive nerve endings. It is believed that on the lips is the thinnest skin. Moreover, having sex most often begin with the touch of the lips partners. Today there are many kinds of kisses, from simple and unobtrusive to passionate and sensitive.

Often when kiss is also involved and language. These types of kisses are the most passionate, and the types of movements of the tongue in the mouth of a partner is also quite a lot. Should not be too hard to nibble on her lips a partner or to leave a Hickey to show your passion. Often this negatively affects man, not all like a Hickey.

Neck and nape

Neck and neck are also erogenous zones in men, and among the most sensitive and strong. Nature has it that the head is a crucial organ therefore, access to only the closest people. Touch and tenderness in the posterior side of the neck and the back of the head cause the man pleasant feelings and promote relaxation. As a result, the man starts to get excited.


Many say that the earlobes are a sensitive area, representatives of a strong half. This area is really very sensitive to caresses and touches, so you can start petting before sexual intercourse with touching the ears of the men. Do not be redundant oral sex. You can also whisper compliments and sweet words in the ear of the man.


Hands never considered an erogenous zone, but on palms, there is a special zone – the area between your index and middle fingers. Often this place is compared to the area between her legs. There is also another erogenous zone, the stroking which may cause arousal in men. This place between the knobs under the ring and middle fingers on the palm. This area is considered to be the projection groin area on hand, so weasel in this place can cause an erection in a partner.



There are also other erogenous points in men, for example, the chest. You can gently play with the curls on his chest in men, if any. You can also let light caresses around the nipples, however, need to understand that men's nipples are not so sensitive like women, so too insistent affection may not like some of the males the way

To cause an erection in men can, stroking the whole area and making a light massage. Men like to be touched in this zone, especially those who have chest muscles are well developed. This suggests that the man devotes a lot of time at this area during training. Accordingly, the admiration of the large muscles in the chest area partner will give him more confidence and looseness, and gentle touch will entail exhilaration.


One of the most erogenous zones in men is the stomach. For any representative of the stronger sex stroking of the abdomen – direct signal that a woman is going to go to the groin. The approach of sexual pleasure entails a strengthening of erection, which will notice any woman. For a stronger effect, you can caress the man's abdomen, not only palms, but to lean against it with his belly or hold on the surface of the breast.

Magic point men


The place of excitement men can lie even in the most unexpected areas. For example, on the back of the knee. Some representatives of the strong half of this area is erogenous, and touch in such a tender place cause sexual attraction. In other cases the affection may cause tickle.

In addition, it is believed that some men are turned on by a foot massage. No wonder in Eastern countries women before intercourse wash the feet of men. This process is not only an expression of respect for the man and submission of woman, but also an action that allows the partner to relax, establishing a special relationship between a man and a woman.


Often massage leads to lovemaking. The reason is quite simple – on the back of a man is not one sensitive area. The most sensitive points of stimulation in men, the area between the shoulder blades and the sacrum. Soft systematic effects in this region of pleasure to the man.

In addition, the massage itself helps to relax and submit to the sensations. You can optionally use a cream or oil for better sliding of the hands. Also many girls stroking man in these areas with a feather. The main thing here is not to overdo it, as these actions can cause the tickling.

the excitement of the buttocks


Buttocks men are also very sensitive area, so you can caress them and touch them, do not hesitate. In addition, for many men, their buttocks are a source of pride, so admiration and attention to this area of the body definitely like a partner. To do with them anything you want: to stroke, bite, lightly scratch, etc.


And, of course, the most sensitive point of arousal on the male body is the groin and penis. Weasels in this area the most enjoyable and stimulating for men.

There are many weasels that can be applied to the male genitals. In fact, any touch to the penis become exciting for men. It is important not to work too much in order not to hurt the partner. In addition, it is not necessary to proceed immediately to the sexual caresses, you need to start with less sensitive parts and gradually move to the most important.

What are the erogenous zones of your men can know only you. Men as sensitive as women, so don't think that petting and touching their body they don't need. Of course, in most cases, men are relatively quick and easily excited, however, to deliver pleasure to the partner, you need to pay attention to his body, moving immediately to the most important. The anxious waiting only increases the erection and sexual desire of men.

The secret of the excitation Thai men

Thai women have some secret that allows them to excite their men with just one touch.

To this end, they "set specific check boxes" on the body of the partner. You need to select one area on the body of his men, to which you will touch each time during sexual foreplay, before proceeding to sexual intercourse. This area does not have to be in a place that is visible to other people, otherwise, any accidental touch will cause sexual arousal.

When within a few times a woman caresses a specific zone on the male body before sex, it gets used that after this action will be followed by pleasure. In the future, touch a secret zone will cause the memory men sexual intercourse, and bring it into a state of excitation.

sexual arousal

Also after sex you can fondle a different zone, which will signal the end of the process, and sexual arousal. This place will be useful when there is no desire to have sex with a partner. You just touch to the second secret area, and the body of a man rebuilt, sexual desire will disappear. However, he won't complain that "women always have a headache".

Knowledge of erogenous zones of his men can make sexual intercourse more vivid and memorable. And if we "set the flags" in the body of the partner, choosing a secret location, then later a sexual relationship with another woman would seem to him defective.