Products increase potency in men instantly

There are many factors that can harm men's health. In this regard, the problems with potency occur in many people of different ages. To help deal with such a nuisance in the power of the usual foods, a positive effect on potency. Among them there are those that should be consumed constantly, to strengthen the reproductive system. But there are some products which act instantly, heightening arousal before the actual act of intercourse. In addition to food with healing properties, will help drinks that increase potency in men.

products for potency

The list of products increase potency in men

Crustaceans and molluscs

The main reason of impotence – reduced level of male hormone in the human body. Rejuvenate will help proper nutrition in which the diet are rich in amino acids and trace elements products, useful for the production of testosterone. A place of honor in the fight for the health of the reproductive system male is seafood, particularly crustaceans and molluscs. They contain essential for male potency zinc and selenium, which not only normalize the secretion of the male hormone, but also improve qualitative and quantitative indicators of sperm. Among the products of this type is the strongest of the oysters, which are recommended to be eaten raw. However, with the frequent addition to the diet of this product, it may cause damage to the body due to the mercury content.


On the list of stimulating potency of the products is replenished with various species of fish. Cooking it can be steamed, stewed or boiled. Thanks to easy absorption of phosphorus and iodine, sexual activity increases. This is important when eating fish two times a week. The most useful intensive properties of plaice and mackerel. They are rich in vitamins A, B, E and omega that improve the testosterone production. Meat is the product that is considered to be a male, because it contains protein and promotes the release of thyroxin. It can improve the condition of the nervous system and increase anxiety. It is best to pack meat with any vegetables, except potatoes. So the body would be easier to process that heavy food.


The following products are used to raise potency, is nuts. They all, without exception, are the incredible benefits the reproductive system of men. Zinc and magnesium – substances that are rich in nuts, give confidence in the offensive of erection, especially with regular use. Vegetables have plenty of vitamins, which allows to normalize the body, saturate it with all necessary. Because of this, also, they eat for potency in men, because the vitamins are essential for the perfect hormonal levels.

eggs for potency


Quail eggs has a beneficial effect on the potency for daily taking food. Safely eat them even raw. Libido is enhanced by iron and phosphorus. Bee product – bee-bread for men can be called source of energy and active ingredients. This is because this is the pollen from the male plant cells. A good impact of fruit, enriching the body with antioxidants.

Unusual products

What foods increase the potency in a matter of seconds? One of the exotic stimulants of male power – the camel's stomach. It ranks first among all existing means of sexual activity. Take it in an amount of 3 g, half an hour before intercourse. The result is stunning. The oysters also refer to those products that have been used to raise the potency in the shortest time.

Emergency quick effect of improving men's health possible by eating celery. This product is very simple to acquire, and the efficiency is manifested immediately, according to the principle of known pills. Products for prolongation of sexual intercourse with almonds, figs. They complement each other, and after half an hour you will be able to Express themselves in sex as a man with the strongest potency.

harmful products

One of the main roles in the diet of men play the drinks potent. A powerful tool is the Mare – specially prepared cow's milk. In its composition it has hormones, improve immunity, and reproductive function. Fresh juices from fruits and vegetables provide energy, improve blood circulation. The healing is pumpkin and pomegranate juices.

Studying what foods are good for potency, do not forget about those that may reduce sexual activity. Their use should be minimized to every man who wants to find powerful potency. For potency in men in the diet there should be no alcohol, especially beer and soy. The reason for this is the presence in these products of the female hormone, the opposite of testosterone. You should avoid fast food, which has a huge amount of harmful substances, as well as fizzy drinks. Products that increase potency in the strong half of humanity, able to resist of male impotence only in the case of diet will be excluded the above products.