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Peruvian Maca – effective means to increase potency

Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca is a unique tool for the manufacture of which use the root of a plant growing in the high mountains of Peru. This drug is rich in nutrients (potassium, calcium), which is a natural hormonal balancer which provides great health benefits to men and women. Due to its high nutritional value the drug is not only popular as a means to increase libido, but also greatly affects energy, stamina, depression, memory and more.

What effect has Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca effect

Peruvian Maca having different effects:

Positive action can be divided into male and female. Men Peruvian Maca has this effect:

For women the drug has this effect:

The composition of the components

Composits Peruvian Maca

In the plant, which produces Peruvian Maca, contains various vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, starch, but its unique curative effect is achieved due to the following:

This combination of components Peruvian Maca is considered to be a very effective tool that allows you to treat many diseases associated with male impotence and decrease in libido in women.

How to take

Peruvian Maca instruction

The dosage is unique for each person (selected by the doctors on an individual basis). Method of use depends on various factors: the concentration of biologically active substances, health status, individual susceptibility components. For adults who have no chronic diseases (especially kidney and heart) need to take 10 grams of powder and dissolve in 100 ml of water. If the drug is to buy capsules, take 1 piece a day.

Special contraindications Peruvian Maca no. The only restriction is the intake during pregnancy and individual intolerance to the components included in the composition of the drug.

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How is the delivery of

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